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May 17, 2010 04:51 PM

Planning Ahead London Holiday Dinner for 10

Need a spot for festive, amazing food, 10 adults (30 to 65 years) from NYC/CT to celebrate the holidays in London. First weekend in December is the timing. We can be a bit loud and don't want to feel out of place but its an annual celebratory dinner and the eldest in our group will want to dress up a bit. We don't want to be put in a private room. Help! Suggestions so far have been River Cafe and Wolseley?? Not french bistro (doing that the night before).

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  1. Both are pretty good suggestions - but make sure you book well ahead going in to the silly season. How about also considering somewhere like the Harwood Arms?

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      Firstly I would not worry about being a bit loud, most places in London ramp up from November with Christmas dinners and everyone expects some festive volume :)

      Everyone is loving L'Anima at the moment - and I can imagine they will have an outstanding Christmas menu. Another current favourite is Bistro Bruno Loubet in Farringdon, despite being French in origin his food is an exciting mix of other influences -
      For more British food you can try Hix Soho, this has a bar downstairs for any post meal cocktails -
      If you are more interested in the food rather than any glitz you can't beat St John for pure British food

      Would you prefer some glamour and something more central rather than a specific visit for the food?