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May 17, 2010 04:48 PM

Nice additions to cookbook library

Hi guys.

I'm a big book dork. I've been slowing building a nice library of cookbooks- but since J &I are doing a wedding registry, why not just sign up for books? In addition to all those gadgets i don't really think i need from a kitchen store (not like my friends love me enough to get me that pretty staub dutch oven..shesh~~)

Anything you usually reach for or call "classic" will do.

cataloging my list will be too much for such a post but the big ones that i have are:
french laundry
cake bible
chocolates and confections
Michael recchiuti chocolates
zuni cafe
JC's Mastering the Art..
les Halles
CIA textbook
CI best of (2008)

Your 3 top favs in either sweets/savory/reference will do =)

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  1. - "Cocolat" by Alice Medrich
    - "La Varenne Pratique" by Anne Willan
    - "New Classic Cuisine" by Michel & Albert Roux

    1. I'm impressed that you own both French Laundry and Mastering the Art. Those are both very important cookbooks for a culinary reader.

      I would add to that list one of Rick Bayless' books (they're all pretty similar and showcase great Mexican cuisine) and Lidia Bastianchi has great Italian cooking books. They're definitely must haves!

      1. Interesting selection though in comparing to my shelves I'm rather thin on the sweet side. Would add:

        Blumenthal's Big Fat Duck
        Ferran Adria's el Bulli (all available years)

        On the reference side,

        Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin's The Physiology of Taste
        Alan Davidson's Oxford Companion to Food
        FCI's Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine
        Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking
        Jacques P├ępin's Complete Techniques

        1. Peter Reinhart Bread Bakers Apprentice
          Bouchon, although AdHoc is good, too
          James Beard's American Cookery

          Best Recipe or Mark Bittman How to Cook Everything, if you want more basic every day ones

          Off the top of my head but I'm sure I'll think of others over time.

          1. Very nice everyone. There are some titles I've never heard of. Must go investigate. Thanks guys.