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May 17, 2010 04:25 PM

Need Rec for Caterers - mexican food in LA area

Hey guys,

We are having our engagement party at our apt complex next month! We reserved an outdoor space for the event and now need to find some caterers. We are not doing a sit down dinner - just something fun and super casual - maybe tacos and appetizers. We dont have room for a truck but there is a few nice grills that can be used. Does anyone have recommendations about an inexpensive caterer that might fit the bill? We dont have a big budget at all since we are saving for a wedding. It will be about 30 people. Also not sure what do do about drinks. I dont think we want to spend money on a bartender - do you think we can just put out buckets of wine and beer?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I've been to a few parties catered by Casablanca in Venice. All kinds of tacos and such. They set up the tables in the yard and do everything and they are very very reasonable. Check them out.

    1. These folks are great and they have grills also so no need for the truck.I have used them and have had friends use them at school and family functions in LaCanada. Real nice family. Be sure to get the fresh horchata and jamaica.

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        can you post the name of the company? your link is not working. thanks!

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          Jose Valdez, I forget the name of the business but I keep his number in my phone. 626-665-6008 if you get a family member and Igave the house number, tell them it is for a catering job. Be sure to get the Jamaica and the Horchata drinks, they are made from scratch.

      2. Check out Senor Fish in Eagle Rock

        1. Thanks for the suggestions!!

          1. El Cholo on Western in LA did an event for my boss and made amazing quesadillas with goat cheese & leeks, home made guac, etc etc and it was awesome. They had a bartender as well. Keep in mind they did this at our office building so it wasnt like there was a kitchen and a they did cook some things there with hot plates, etc. I highly recommend!!