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May 17, 2010 04:16 PM

Wedding dinner for 10 - need suggestion


A friend is looking for a place to have her wedding dinner - in two weeks on a Tuesday night (June 1)

12 people (including 2 children, aged 3&6)
Budget = Approx $100 pp including tax, tip and drinks for 4-6 people.

They're looking for something downtown - preferably south of Queen Street.

Something memorable, delicious and vegetarian friendly.

Seemingly no preference for type of food, but they have suggested a tasting menu is a little to complicated.

Appreciate the help.

p.s. They are currently considering Tula at the Westin, 360 at the CN Tower and George at Queen/Jarvis - but are obviously open to suggestion.

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  1. We had our rehearsal dinner in the private room at Mistura, and were very happy with it. While it's not south of Queen (it's at Avenue and Davenport), it is definitely vegetarian (and carnivore) friendly, and is very tasty. It's not somewhere I'd ordinarily expect to see kids but, if the reservation is early enough it would probably be okay, especially in the private room. One thing I really liked about the room is that we were all seated at one big, square table that was very conducive to conversation.

    265 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R1J9, CA

    1. Maybe one of the private dining rooms at Terroni on Adelaide could work?

      1. It might be a little modest, but have you considered Gilead Cafe?