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May 17, 2010 04:02 PM

Dinner for one in Las Vegas, higher end, what's new?

Hey all,

Looking for some recs for dinner for myself in a few weeks. It is just me one night so I would very much prefer eating at a bar set up of some kind but wouldn't be totally opposed to a traditional seating.

Looking for something new in the higher end side of things. I have done L'Atelier before and was looking to try something new. Are there bar dining options at Alex or Twist? What else is new and good? My last few trips I haven't done anything high end or different. Would strongly consider a tasting menu that is worth it but it is not a hard core requirement.


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    1. Too bad Bar Charlie has closed (it would have been perfect for you--high end dining at a bar set up). Unfortunately, neither Alex nor Twist have bar seating. I've dined at both restaurants last month. I wouldn't bother with Twist. Definitely would encourage you to dine at Alex. I've dined at Alex by myself, and have always had a wonderful dinner. Food and service are impeccable.

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        I completely agree with ellenost about Bar Charlie (whimper), Alex, and more or less about Twist. While Alex doesn't offer bar seating, service is very gracious. I felt comfortable at each of my solo dinners there. If you have just one night and are looking for the best food, I think Alex is significantly better than Twist.

        The only reason to consider Twist is if your emphasis is on "different." Twist's food definitely fits that description. Some dishes are very good, but others are just...well...different! If anything, I felt even more comfortable at Twist than at Alex. I was given a table looking out over the Strip, and they gave me some books and magazines to read while I was waiting for food.

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          Thanks for the input follks. I had been reading about Bar Charlie, what happened? SOunds like a shame.

          So no thoughts on Sage from anyone?

          IS the champagne bar at Joel Robuchon still open to guest even if you aren't dining at the restaurant?

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            We really enjoyed our dinner at Sage, specially the veggies,steak and dessert.

      2. Bubble bar at Guy Savoy. Food is top notch and the staff are more than accomodating for the single traveler.

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          I wasn't thinking about eating there, I was thinking if I was going to eat over at L'Atlelier I would pop in and have a glass of champagne there first if they were accomodating. I'll look up bubble ar but not sure if i want to trek over to ceasars just for a drink, unless im eating at Guy Savoy...

          1. re: swicks

            Bubble bar is for food as well, you can grab a bunch of smaller plates instead of the whole GS experience. Its a good lone diner bar scene, but, you are right, I wouldn't go unless you are planning to eat as well.