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May 17, 2010 03:46 PM

Great Seafood on the Cape?

I've been to the Cape a zillion times, but we'd really like to try something new. We are staying in S. Yarmouth, but certainly don't have to eat there! Willing to go about anywhere on the Cape. We are just looking for a great seafood meal, decent atmosphere ie Not Seafood Sams! Cute or romantic or nice view, and great food! What are some of your favs? And do they take reservations?

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  1. Last time we were on the Cape (October) we were directed to the Ocean House in Dennisport

    It's not sublime, but it's awfully good. We couldn't get a reservation for the dining room, but even though the parking lot was overflowing, we were seated immediately in what they call the bar, which has picture windows overlooking the beach (and the regular dining room menu).

    Not far from South Yarmouth.

    Our fallback on the Cape is always The Paddock in Hyannis. Make sure you get the locals menu, amazing deals on there!

    Ocean House Restaurant
    425 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA 02639

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      Cape Sea Grill, Harwich. It really is the final word on this subject; namely, great restaurants south of Ptown.

      Bring your wallet, a fine red wine buzz, and an abiding desire to consume fantastic seafood. The swordfish, if he has it as a special is OUTSTANDING, ask for extra sauce.

      This dude Remler BTW won a James beard rising star award a few years back, and his wife who runs the house is a really fun, cool lady. Chef has a really special touch, particularly concocting sauces which do not step on the elemental flavors.

      It's a really nice spot, a really nice building, clean bathrooms etc.

      1. re: shark_attack

        how do you think Chef Remler and his wife would feel about a well behaved 4 1/2 yo cutie (my daughter) joining us for dinner (she's far from the chicken finger type...great adventurous palate for her age)..this sounds like a place to try, and we will be staying in Harwich this year...

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          When my now 18 year old was small, we dined at Sea Grill for Mothers Day and many other special occassions. Well mannered kids can dine anywhere as far as I am concerned. We dined next to the Columbus descendents during the Quincenntennial in Bermuda 18 years ago..she was 5 months old and had a blast. :)

          1. re: phelana

            thanks...we'll put this on our list...its a one mile walk from our rental...

            any other local selections?

      2. re: L2k

        Do please elaborate on the Paddock's "local" menu!