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May 17, 2010 02:46 PM

Rib n Reef

Was at Rib n Reef Saturday night and although the resto was jam packed I found the food to be, well, not worth it.

at $11.00/per U4 shrimp under Shrimp Cocktail....wowser that's a pricey app...wedge of head lettuce...really? Of all the lettuces this was the one that had the worst crop this take it off the menu (that is so 1970)....husband had rib steak - smaller one and was not impressed at all for the price. An average steak at a pricey restaurant...although it was nice to sit with table cloths - that's a touch most steakhouses are not doing

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  1. Rib n Reef is a classic example of just the kind of restaurant I make it a point to avoid. You nailed it perfectly describing the deal on your husband's rib average sized steak of average quality at Moishe's prices. You get a better steak for $20 in most neighborhood restos. Moishe's is expensive...but you get fair value there. At Rib n do not.

    If you are looking for a Moishe's quality steak at a price people pay for an average steak....go to The Keg and order the baseball sirloin cut. It's thick and juicy and like a generous sized filet mignon and just as tasty....for $23. If you tell them it's somebody's birthday...they will throw in free of charge a delicious ice-cream cake dessert...big enough to share with three other people.

    Oh will get your table cloth at The Keg too and the decor is wonderful especial at the PVM location.

    Rib n Reef is a rip-off.

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      Based on the recommendations of various people here, I tried the baseball steak at The Keg in PVM for my birthday. Sadly, though it was thick, it was certainly not juicy. Definitely a disappointment. I don't recall if there was a table cloth or not to be honest.