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May 17, 2010 02:14 PM

Decent restaurant in Plymouth Meeting?

I'm meeting two friends in Plymouth Meeting for dinner tomorrow night. I'm not terribly familiar with the area, but I'm hoping for something other than the chains by the mall (PF Changs, Bertuccis, etc). I've heard good things about Blue Fin, but one of my friends isn't a fan of Japanese. Any other ideas? Thanks!

625 Cross Keys Rd, Sicklerville, NJ 08081

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  1. East on Germantown Pike 5 minutes is Lafayette Hill....... General Lafayette is more of a brewery type place with decent food, and in the shopping center across the street is From the Boot. Great italian. Not in PM, but in Blue bell..... there's a great little mexican place with outstanding margaritas El Sarape (near the corner of 73 and 202). And branching out a little more in blue bell, theres a small Korean BBQ place on 202 in the Clover Mall Shopping Center that i always enjoy.

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      Oops, Korea Garden is the name.

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        I second El Sarape. Have had some good food and drink there.

      2. I've heard good things about General Lafayette. They do "Suds for Buds" - dog friendly beer tastings that benefit the PSPCA

        1. There are lots of nice options in Amber, just a few minutes away...
          from the boot - italian
          deterra - wine bar
          shanchie - irish
          saffron - indian
          all have been reviewed by chowhounds (altho some of the posts may still be on the PA board)
          in broad axe, just before you get to Ambler is East Cuisine which has a wide variety of asian foods. There's also a Mexican place near this intersection - Tamarindos oh, and right in Plymouth meeting, across from the mall is another mexican place - (?) why is the name not coming to me?? ugh. long day sorry.
          Domenico's just opened in Blue Bell, I've heard some good things from friends, but haven't been yet.

          1. Decent restaurant in Plymouth Meeting is an oxymoron if you exclude blue fin. About a mile up Germantown Pike from Bluefin in East Norriton there is a great Indian place called Aman's. It is in a shopping center at the corner of 202 and Germantown Pike.
            In Blue Bell, Phil's Tavern is awesome. Good beer and good food. Thai Orchid in Blue Bell is good. To Dam Gol is my favorite Korean restaurant in Blue Bell. It is a dive, the sign just says Korean Restaurant in English, and it is on township line rd. Excellent hot pots and soups, tofu, jap chai.
            Conshohocken has Blackfish, which is an excellent byo if you are willing to spend a bit more than the other places mentioned.
            I think Lucky Dog is better than General Lafayette Inn in Lafayette Hill. Great beer and very good food. General Lafayette really needs to have better food. It is fair to middling.

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              I would agree that Lucky Dog is substantially better food-wise than the General Lafayette. Never had a bad meal there. I'd love to hear more about To Dam Gol....have you been to Korea Garden thehungrything as a comparison? (i'm a big dive fan btw)

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                Korea Garden is much fancier inside and more expensive. It is really a different type of place than To Dam Gol. A place for cocktails and a finer dining experience although I remember it being a little americanized. I havent been there in years and I was only there once but what I remember is their korean barbecue, which was pretty good, but we managed to spend more money there than I had anticipated. Very nice inside.
                To Dam Gol is bare bones plain, like eating in a school cafeteria, if there were table service in a school cafeteria. They have no alcohol. They serve you luke warm tea in water glasses. I have only seen Korean people eating there. When we go there the woman who usually waits on us is tickled to see us and she gives us very good service, despite a bit of a language barrier.
                This place is all about the hot pots and soups. The small plates that come with your meal are delicious. The servings are so big that it is hard to finish just one hot pot with the little plates and you can eat very well there for 10 dollars. I love the tofu, pork, kimchi hot pot and the jap chai.

            2. If you want to stick to Plymouth Meeting you could go to Plaza Azteca which is a Mexican place on Plymouth Road just off Germantown Pike. I've eaten there a few times and have enjoyed it.

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                Den, that's the one I couldn't think of! thanks. :) Plaza Azteca is very tasty!

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                  Plaza Azteca is a decent place, it's in the old Macaroni Grille building so its pretty spacious inside. I had the Chori-steak which was a T-bone covered in chorizo. Only suspect thing was that i asked if a friends dish was covered with cotija or chihuahua or queso fresco and the waiter replied with 'nacho cheese'. Not a great sign at a mexican place. I would say its not a 100% authentic restaurant, more mexican/american but all-in-all a decent night out though and would recommend for a group of friends for sure. For 'real' mexican ie menudo, beef tounge tacos and carnitas La Michoacana in Norristown is great.