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May 17, 2010 01:32 PM

Ethnic options for an Anniversary Dinner

Just curious if anyone had some great ideas for ethnic options for an anniversary dinner.

Looking for some one of a kind/off menu type recommendations (i.e. like this one http://www.madewithair.com/?p=431


We are open to anything but would like to keep it within reason (Under $100 for the both of us).

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  1. Here's some suggestions for ethnic buffets on polar opposite ends of the spectrum (vegetarian vs tons of meat)

    I'm sure you've read plenty about Kalachandji's on this board. It's the vegetarian restaurant inside the Krishna temple. Throwing that in since I took my girlfriend there for Valentine's Day.

    Did y'all ever get to try Betchee's Brazil? Brazilian restaurant in Richardson that does rodizio service, at a much lower price point than a the usual churrascaria suspects (Fogo/TX De Brazil/Rafain). As kuidaore has mentioned before, they also have more homestyle dishes on the buffet so it's not just a constant meat bonanza. Besides the price and variety, I also like them since the chain places have a tendency to overcook/overseason the meat. And for purposes of the anniversary, the place got remodeled and does look much nicer.

    I've only eaten lunch there and I know that's around $16 a person (with rodizio, less if you do just the buffet), so you might wanna call and ask for dinner pricing. I would guess it should be no more than $25-30 per person before tip, and that's with some caiprinhas.

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      I will put those two out there.

      Been meaning to ask have you been to Filipiana in Bedford?

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        No, mostly because friends have told me it's not worth the drive. Too bad New Manila wouldn't work for doing dinner.

    2. Not sure what area of town you're considering, but my husband & I have tried Afghan Grill (Preston & George Bush) and Al-Amir (Addison) on our "Anthony Bourdain" nights recently, and enjoyed both.

      Afghan Grill is (of course) Afghani, which is like a cross between Indian and Middle Eastern; the owner is quite happy to chat about the culture, food, etc. etc. which makes for an enjoyable dinner. Al Amir is Lebanese, and has the added benefit of belly-dancing and hookahs for your entertainment.

      We're also big fans of both Cafe Istanbul (Lovers & Inwood) and Cafe Izmir (Lower Greenville) although those might be a bit far if you are in Lewisville.

      Cafe Izmir
      3707 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

      Cafe Istanbul
      5450 W Lovers Ln Ste 222, Dallas, TX 75209

      Afghan Grill
      17370 Preston Rd Ste 490, Dallas, TX 75252

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        I really love Afghan Grill and I will keep it on my list.

        I only like the music at Al Amir (although they have some Eygptian artist in the mix Amr Diab and Mahmoud El Esseily) and have never cared for their food.

        Cafe Izmir is a place I tried recently (last week) and did not like anything off of the menu and we tried everything except for two or three dishes. Fundamental flaws on a lot of dishes.

        Cafe Istanbul is great but is it expensive! I usually wait on the Turkish food for a friend of mine in Houston who cooks for my brother, my wife and I.

        I appreciate the suggestions though. I finally decided on Andaman in Denton again. We have come to know Achava (the chef) and he is preparing a Chicken and Jackfruit curry and Pad Cha with Shrimp (they have Pad Cha at Bangkok Orchid in Irving that is awesome). The dish is made with ka chai (wild ginger/lesser galangal) which imparts a more herbal ginger taste (think less sharp burn and more floral notes).

        http://www.tan-kitchen.com/2009/08/se... (recipe and pictures)

        If you love Thai food like I do this is worth a look at everything (food related) translated from English into Thai.


        Cafe Izmir
        3707 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

        Cafe Istanbul
        5450 W Lovers Ln Ste 222, Dallas, TX 75209

        Afghan Grill
        17370 Preston Rd Ste 490, Dallas, TX 75252

      2. La Duni may be too Americanized for you, but if not, this Dinner Club event has been featured all morning on KRLD. (It also pushes the budget envelop just a little)


        La Duni Cafe
        4620 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205

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          Looked at the menu and I did get piqued by two appetizer dishes but kinda pricey just forjust two apps and the fact I am not into wines This would be the dish....the white anchovies would be up my alley but need to know what savory sausage is, methinks it is Spainish dry cured chorizo......port reduction would go better with blood sausage, black pudding, morcilla or boudin noir but I know they won't be serving that.

          Burnt Tomato, Goat Cheese and White Anchovy Foccacia
          Savory Sausage and Port Reduction Empanadas with Mojo Rojo