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May 17, 2010 12:11 PM


In making garlic bread+a heavy garlic spaghetti,I used a lot of BOTTLED garlic,+ that was nowhere near the strong garlic taste that I wanted!
So next me I plan to put peeled,whole garlic cloves in my Cuisinart,and using the blade,carefully cut them a little bit. And use this fresh garlic instead of bottled.

1. in using the real+fresh garlic, how much(in cups) of those cutup fresh cloves might equal a 1/2cup that I previously used of the bottled garlic?


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  1. It really depends on how big the individual cloves are. I would say if it's a small head of garlic, use it all, then measure out. A small head may not come up to a full half cup. If the cloves are large, then maybe it will.

    1. Depending on the size of the head (bulb) of garlic:
      1 bulb = 1/2 c. chopped/minced
      1 bulb = 1 c. whole cloves

      Here's a nifty garlic info page:

      Scroll down to Garlic Equivalents.

      Q.: Why don't you just use your knife and chop the garlic by hand?

      1. I don't know about measurement equivalents, but if you crush the cloves, it releases a lot more flavor than just slicing them. Use the flat of your knife and smash them, then slice them.

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          That's how I peel the crushing the cloves first. Then chop as necessary.