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May 17, 2010 12:01 PM

Indian Food - General Metro Detroit Area.

Some friends of mine are really wanting to try out Indian Food. So far I haven't been able to find anything out here that I like...the few Indian restaurants that I have gone to out here are generally an insult to the culture and food in general.

I love curries, I make them at home, and I've been to some fantastic places in the UK. I'm not looking for something that is equivalent to that, but at least somewhere that the food tastes like it wasn't microwaved, and the naan bread doesn't taste like it was made by Ego.

Any suggestions? Preferably in the Madison Heights / Troy area!

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. I would suggest Ashoka on Rochester Rd., just south of Wattles, in Troy. This was the first place that I've been here that reminded me of Indian restaurants in the UK. They have a lunch buffet which is just ok, but their dinners are good. They close after lunch and don't open up again until 5:30, won't even allow take-out orders until then either. If you're going soon there is lots of construction on Rochester right now.

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      I've interrogated numerous ethnic Indians I work with, and indeed they all say Ashoka. If that is the best on the North Central-East side of Metro Detroit, then that's sad. I find it decent, but simply a step up from lame. (PS--there is a new Indian place at 15 Mile and Dequindre, named "No More Junk Food." I kid you not. It took over for a defunct Indian place, last month. Will try and report in a couple weeks, but I don't have my hopes up.)

      I'm fired-up to make the long drive to give Neehee's a try, based on JP's rec. (if it's great, I'm going to make a post stating they now serve meat, just to see whether Boagman will take the bait... shhhhh).

      1. re: vtombrown

        Are you kidding, VTB? Dude, I'm already on the Neehee's train, ticket in hand. I've been at least twice, and can't wait to go back! I'm with JP: I'm a carnivore to the end, and I did not miss the meat there, not even a little bit. Absolutely great flavors they put together there, and if you've not gotten out there yet, you, sir, are missing out. Remember that they're closed on Tuesdays, though, so you'll have to wait until midweek at the earliest. Oh, and it's not just JP and me: my friend Donna really liked it, too, and the word is definitely out in the community, as this place gets a *huge* line for carry-out and eating in...they'll be so much better off when they get to move down to the end of the strip mall with 4x the space.

        Neehee's is very, very good.

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          BTW, there is a Neehee's in Farmington Hills, too -- closer for those in the OC (or the MC). Haven't been, but my friend who went to both likes them equally well.

      2. I know this is far from the area....but...It would be criminal not to mention Neehee's.

        It is a vegetarian street food place that KNOWS flavor.

        I have gotten serious Carnivores to go to this place and they come out happy as a pig in mud.

        1. Agree with Ashoka recs and also recommending Rangoli in Auburn Hills as well.

          Both these places got the stamp of approval from my Indian colleagues at my old job.

          1. Thanks for the replies :). I might give Ashoka a try tomorrow. Location wise it's in a good spot for us. Will definitely give a review :)

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              I should say on my first visit to Ashoka, I was taken there by a good friend who is from India. Her family always went to the Canton location, but she lived on this side of town. I felt that was the best recommendation I could have.

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                For those that need to is on Haggerty just south of Ford road. I have to admit I have never been there. It always looks closed to me.

                1. re: JanPrimus

                  Well, if you are driving by between 3:00 and 5:30 they are closed. Must make some kind of business sense to them...not me.

                  1. re: grouper

                    Yeah...I always thought they were out of business. Too bad for them...that is a lot of missed business. I eat early dinners often.

                    1. re: JanPrimus

                      That's extremely common of Indian restaurants ( around here at least). I've also noticed some Japanese restaurants ( Matsuchan for example) also have this practice. I just always assumed it to be a cultural thing and just made sure I was there during the right times.

            2. I work with several Indians (mostly southern) and they have taken me to Ashoka's. Like everyone else is saying this is very good. You have to try the Hydrabadi lamb Briyani. Awesome. The other place that that have taken me is Royal Indian Cuisine which is almost right across the street from Roch Rd Ashoka location. Now when my wife and I go I do tend to buy from Ashoka but Royal is also very good.

              Royal Indian Cuisine
              3877 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48083

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              1. re: dewardav

                Hmmm, might have to convince my friend to give that one a go. Looked very good! I've had Lamb Rogan Josh calling my name for a bit though...cannot...resist.

       I just need someone to get a CTM, and I'm in good shape :-D

                1. re: dewardav

                  this is another vote for Royal Indian Cuisine and Ashoka. They are both on par with each other. My indian friends (and I have a lot of 'em) are split between the two. can't go wrong with either.

                  if you go to RIC, try their chicken 69 appetizer. taaasty!


                  Royal Indian Cuisine
                  3877 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48083