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May 17, 2010 11:38 AM

Asian Markets in Toronto

Hey All,

I recently moved downtown from the GTA, and I'm looking for some quality Asian markets that are accessible by TTC in Toronto. Anything comparable to T&T (Chinese), Galleria (Korean) or J-Town (Japanese)? I'm dying for a fresh market that can give me the supplies for some good Asian food!


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  1. Well technically all of these are accessible by TTC and within a transfer or two depending upon where you live. Personally I think you have already covered the top three for Japanese, Chinese and Korean groceries. You can make a trip to the China town in downtown and find many of the items from the combination of shops in Spadina area. There is T&T downtown too on cherry street. Galleria is on the north border of Toronto. You can take a bus for Steele East and hit both J-Town and T&T. I just rent a car from Zip Car and make a trip and cover all these is one go (couldn't help but give a plug for this wonderful system)

    1. P.A.T. on Bloor near the Christie stop is a large Korean grocery store with a lot of japanese products. They have vegetables, too, but not very fresh (seems not to be a Korean priority).

      Hua Sheng on the east side Spadina just north of Dundas is the best Chinese grocer (excluding TAT which isn't as easy to get to on the TTC). Good prices, too. K&K across the street for fruit.

      Fresh tofu at Fong On Foods on Kensington nearby.

      Sanko on Queen West near Claremont is a good Japanese source, tho not much on fresh produce other than shiso.

      730 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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        Thanks!!! Fresh tofu sounds awesome, I'll check it out this weekend!

      2. I really like Bestwin It is a big store like T&T and it covers not only Chinese foods, but Indian and Caribbean as well. They have a great butcher and fish section and their fresh produce is often better than T&T. Cheaper too. Take the subway to Victoria Park station and change to the #24 bus. I think it's 2 or 3 stops. Very easy, I do it weekly. Zip Cars or Autoshare are also great if you are getting a lot.