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May 17, 2010 11:35 AM

Kosher Chicago Near Union Station

My husband and a friend will be traveling by train from Berkeley to New York next week. I am sending food with them, but it would be a great help if they could replenish between trains in Chicago. Is there any place they can buy food, either kosher or fresh fruits and vegetables or ?? near Union Station in Chicago? Even better, is there any place they could get kosher deli or other meal within walking distance of Union Station.

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  1. Not a lot of options. However, the Crowne Plaza Hotel is nearby (10 minute walk) and has a Kosher restaurant. Here's the menu:

    1. Other than having one of the restaurants deliver to Union Station, there are only two possibilities for kosher restaurant food in downtown Chicago. One is called Metro Club (they are only open for lunch) and there is a synagogue that sells sandwiches from The Sandwich Club in Skokie. Both locations, and all other kosher possibilities in the Chicago area, are listed on the CRC website.
      I also understand that some frozen "airline" meals may be available on some of Amtrak trains, so it might be worth checking into that as well.
      I'm sure that there are places to buy fresh fruit and vegetables somewhere around there too.
      Have a safe trip!

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        As far as fresh fruit/vegetables, there's a Dominick's grocery (Safeway) about a half mile away (close to MetroKlub); very walkable. Will have a broad range of produce. There's also a decent White Hen about 1-2 blocks away that has some fresh produce options.

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          I should have added that the MetroKlub's hours are limited. However, if you call ahead they might be able to work something out.