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May 17, 2010 11:28 AM

Shingle Creek Resort - Primo, K, Ravenous Pig

I am going to be at the Shingle Creek Resort and need a great dinner location. I love Primo and the Ravenous Pig, but really want to stay pretty close to the hotel. I'd like to have a few glasses of wine and don't want to drive too far. Looking for menus similar to these restaurants. Great wines by the glass...possibly tasting menu?

I just read that the two restaurants have a four diamond rating. Any recent news on A Land Remembers (one of my favorite books!) or Cala Bella Bistro located at Shingle Creek?

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  1. Well, you deserve a reply!

    Those two places you mention are so pricey I doubt they deliver - Cala Bella has gotten some mixed reviews, and at those prices it's too risky (full disclosure - I haven't personally eaten at either)

    But, based on the places you mentioned, seek out the thoroughly hidden Wa behind Universal Studios - it's a Japanese-French fusion-y kinda place that works somehow. Make sure to order off the Special Menu where the more adventurous options lie. The flavors are amazing, with options like Pan-fried Monkfish with avocado tempura, sweet chilis, garlic, lime, and cilantro and Quail with pine nut and bacon dressing, brown butter carrots, purple cabbage puree, and fried quail egg. As for wines, they're pretty basic, but they have a GREAT sake selection, so try something different!

    Another place much closer you might try is the Funky Monkey Wine Co. (terrible name) in Pointe Orlando. It has good pedigrees in the kitchen and management, so it might work for your needs, especially on the wine front.

    Funky Monkey Wine Company @ The Pointe
    9101 International Drive Suite 1208, Orlando, FL 32819

    Orlando, Orlando, FL

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      I second Wa. Hard to find but once you do you will be grateful that you did.

      1. re: YosemiteSam

        Thanks, these sound great! Though I do wish Wa had the Funky Monkey's wine list. The Special Menu sounds perfect.

        1. re: amsquires

          You should also consider Christini's on Sand Lake Road. Expensive but the food is fantastic.
          Also, try the new Italian place on sand Lake Rd called La Neuovo Cucina close to Seasons 52.
          Finally, try Vine Grille and Wine Bar on Sand Lake Rd.


          1. re: horvath42

            We just found Wa last week and we've already been twice. It is our favorite restaurant in Orlando! We had only sashimi and nigiri the first time (and great service) and then we ordered off the special menu the second time. The server on our second visit irritated me (she tried to talk me out of what I consider good sake to have a flavored sugary one instead and she mocked our choices in sashimi). But I was able to block her out of my mind enough to enjoy this new awesome restaurant. I have a feeling we will go there once a week!

            1. re: OurBigAdventure

              I'm glad I didn't have that server when I went, what server mocks the customers choices? lol.

              Still delicious food, I need to take my husband there.

              1. re: OurBigAdventure

                Wow - I can say that seems to be an abberation - I've had nothing but professional and respectful service every time I've gone. Hopefully this person gets found out and coached or removed - they're too empty right now to risk losing those who do find them due to a cocky server.

                What did you order anyway? - Can't imagine what one could mock in sashimi - rolls maybe, but not just plain fish

                1. re: YosemiteSam

                  I'm hoping the place is a bit more hoping since the last time I visited. the location is a bit odd, and they don't do much advertising, that I know of, but word of mouth has traveled.

                  Maybe she was new? I'd like to know too what she scoffed at?