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Brunch - West Hollywood/Beverly Hills - for 12 people

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I'm in charge of planning a brunch for some friends who will be visiting after moving to China in January. It's for this Sunday (May 23rd) for 12 people @ 11am. It would be nice to have a private or semi-private room and alcohol is a must for this group :). Probably best to stay under $20 per person for food (not including drinks & tax). Maybe a place with an outdoor patio?

Most of the group lives in West Hollywood, so around that area would be best or evenBeverly Hills. Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. My first thought was Petrossian - but I think that may be a little above budget.

    1. One place to check out would be Taste on Melrose. They offer a nice variety of brunch options that are pretty economical. I'm not certain about the private (or semi private) room availability.

      Another possiblity is Belmont Cafe on La Cienega. They have a really fun Bloody Mary do it yourself bar that makes the afternoon take on a whole new spin. ;-D>

      747 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

      8454 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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        Umm...Belmont has Slim Jims at their Bloody Mary Bar. SLIM JIMS!!!! A place after my own heart :)

      2. You could probably do brunch at Jar for about that and sit in the area just past the bar or Campanile upstairs.

        1. Comme Ca has a back room and fantastic cocktails. Food would definitely be in your price point.

          1. Thanks for all the great ideas! Will definitely look into them.

            Any thoughts about Cecconi? It doesn't get great reviews here, but the patio looks pretty and it is walking distance to other bars (which will likely happen with this group).

            8764 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069

            1. Cecconi's is absolutely fine for brunch—they have enough range of something for everyone. Plus they have a lovely private room that opens to the main restaurant. Service is good, food is decent. But there aren't many bars in that vicinity...

              8764 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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                Thanks again all! We have done Comme Ca before,as well as Campanile for a smaller group. Looks like it's going to be Cecconi's. Though for parties of 8+ they make you have a reduced menu, which I think will work.

                iOnLa - there are tons of bars within walking distance on Robertson/Santa Monica. I mean, they're mostly gay bars but that is perfect for this crowd! (i.e., Abbey, Here, Eleven, East West)

                8764 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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                  stagger on! was thinking Melrose, not S+M Blvd.
                  curious to hear about their brunch. have had lunches there midweek but never been on a weekend. at least parking should be a breeze.

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                    I will report back on brunch :)

              2. Cecconi's is out....for parties of 8+ they request you have a reduced menu, which would have been fine except it was pretty $$$ for what you get. I mean, yogurt and scrambled eggs with toast for $25 is crazy!!

                So, we are going to RH --- where we can order from either the brunch or breakfast menu, no restrictions. Plus they are putting us in the Wine Barrel room (no additional charge)! YAY!

                1. I would check out Tavern or Jar.

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                    Thx - will do :)