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May 17, 2010 11:01 AM

suggestions for working dinners in Little Rock

I'll be traveling with a group to Little Rock, and have been assigned the task of finding venues for two dinner/meetings. I saw some restaurant suggestions (Ashley's, Doe's) in previous threads but am adding a few more parameters (below) in hopes of finding the perfect match. All suggestions much appreciated!

1. At least one vegetarian option (good salad is fine, doesn't have to be fancy)
2. Within walking/short (<15 min) driving distance of Statehouse Plaza
3. Layout/volume/atmosphere such that we (a group of 6 people) could linger over a meal and review the day's meetings without annoying other guests.
4. Reasonably quiet (for the same reason)
5. Around $30/person or less with drinks, so we can stay under our per diem

And of course great food! Suggestions for good quick breakfasts near Statehouse Plaza and lunches on the run anywhere in Little Rock are also welcome--

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  1. Bosco's Restaurant and Brewing Co. @ 500 President Clinton Ave., Little Rock, AR 501 - 907 - 1881. I30/EXIT141A.

    Bosco's Restaurant
    500 President Clinton Ave Ste 105, Little Rock, AR 72201