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May 17, 2010 10:40 AM

Macarons in NJ?

Anyone know where to buy macarons in NJ ? (besides Trader Joe).

Trader Joe's
725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

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  1. The Macaroon Shop in Avon is terrific! We LOVE macaroons in our family and these are excellent.

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    1. re: mschow

      I agree with mschow....The Macaroon Shop is great.

      1. re: vtt7

        I also agree.

        Besides macaroons, they have a nice selection of other delicious baked goods.

        Wife's favorite are the "crumb buns", but you have to get there fairly early in the day at particularly busy times (like Sunday mornings in the summer) as they tend to sell out.

        Recommended !

      2. re: mschow

        The Macaroon Shop is the best!!! My friend bought it from the old owners and she is doing a terrific job! My only complaint is that I wish that they would offer chocolate flavored macaroons in addition to the original coconut, almond and chocolate covered coconut and almond. Also,if you get there right when they open, the danishes are hot out of the oven and taste phenomenal!

        1. re: aerynsun

          Sounds like your friend sells macarOOns...this thread is about Macarons, which are a different kind of cookie.

      3. Monterrey Gourmet market Rt 202 Bernardsville, both chocolate and non chocolate dipped awesome macs!

        1. Are we talking about Macarons (French sandwich cookie like things) or Macaroons?

          If you want Macarons, try Wegmans or The Scone Pony.

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            Tripician's in Absecon they are terrific, yum

          2. There's a huge difference between "macarons" and "macaroons". It's only one letter, but a totally different pastry. Since the 2-O variety is ubiquitous, I assume you mean the single-O. You'll probably have to go into NYC for them, at either Maison du Chocolat in Rock Center, or Madeleine Bakery in Chelsea.

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              Just as a point of information, there's an ongoing thread on the name question (history, distinctions, etc.) on the General board:


              In fact, if you visit Laduree's website (they're a Parisian patisserie famous for this particular pastry) and choose to view the site in French, under "produits" they're listed as "macarons". However, if you choose to view it in English, guess what - they're listed as "macaroons".



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                Or Bouchon Bakery @ the Time Warner Center...

              2. The original comment has been removed