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Macarons in NJ?

Anyone know where to buy macarons in NJ ? (besides Trader Joe).

Trader Joe's
725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

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  1. The Macaroon Shop in Avon is terrific! We LOVE macaroons in our family and these are excellent.

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      I agree with mschow....The Macaroon Shop is great.

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        I also agree.

        Besides macaroons, they have a nice selection of other delicious baked goods.

        Wife's favorite are the "crumb buns", but you have to get there fairly early in the day at particularly busy times (like Sunday mornings in the summer) as they tend to sell out.

        Recommended !

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        The Macaroon Shop is the best!!! My friend bought it from the old owners and she is doing a terrific job! My only complaint is that I wish that they would offer chocolate flavored macaroons in addition to the original coconut, almond and chocolate covered coconut and almond. Also,if you get there right when they open, the danishes are hot out of the oven and taste phenomenal!

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          Sounds like your friend sells macarOOns...this thread is about Macarons, which are a different kind of cookie.

      3. Monterrey Gourmet market Rt 202 Bernardsville, both chocolate and non chocolate dipped awesome macs!

        1. Are we talking about Macarons (French sandwich cookie like things) or Macaroons?

          If you want Macarons, try Wegmans or The Scone Pony.

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            Tripician's in Absecon they are terrific, yum

          2. There's a huge difference between "macarons" and "macaroons". It's only one letter, but a totally different pastry. Since the 2-O variety is ubiquitous, I assume you mean the single-O. You'll probably have to go into NYC for them, at either Maison du Chocolat in Rock Center, or Madeleine Bakery in Chelsea.

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              Just as a point of information, there's an ongoing thread on the name question (history, distinctions, etc.) on the General board:


              In fact, if you visit Laduree's website (they're a Parisian patisserie famous for this particular pastry) and choose to view the site in French, under "produits" they're listed as "macarons". However, if you choose to view it in English, guess what - they're listed as "macaroons".



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                Or Bouchon Bakery @ the Time Warner Center...

              2. I was also looking for macarons in Jersey too, more specifically Northern Jersey.

                Bon Appetit French Cafe and Bakery in Mahwah, NJ makes macarons but they only accept advance orders and the minimum for order is 3 dozen. So you can either give some away as gifts, freeze them, or split them among friends. Price is affordable.

                http://www.bonappetitmahwah.com/ (lower your speakers, site opens with loud music) They don't give any details about ordering macarons on their site, you have to speak with them over the phone.

                1. We got awesome macaroons from a place in Lavalette, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the place right now. I am sure it will come to me as soon as I can no longer edit this message. -mJ

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                    The Painted Truffle at the Stockton Market has about 20 flavors of Macaroons plus lots of handmade truffles

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                      MacarOns or macarOOns? They are not the same thing.

                  2. I've never had a macaron, but for great macaroons, it's hard to beat George's at 7th and the Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. They are closed in the winter though.

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                      The left photo is a macaron. The right is a "macaroon". Dissimilar in EVERY way!!

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                        Macaron is the French word, macaroon is the English word. Both refer to the same thing. A macaroon is a cookie made with egg whites as a binder and a primary ingredient such as nuts or coconut. The French-style macaroon, which is made from almonds and formed as a sandwich, is one type of macaroon, and is often sold and labeled in bakeries as "French macaroons" with a double o. The coconut macaroon is another type of macaroon.

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                          Disagree. Check the photos in my previous post of the two. It's not the ingredients, it's the end products, which bear no resemblance to each other. Whatever language you speak, these are two distinctly different items in every way.

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                            I agree. These are two different cookies entirely. Different ingredients, different heritages, different techniques, different everything. One letter seperates the two cookies from each other. Why is that so hard for people to come to terms with? Many words are one letter different from other word. Pop and poop are one letter different and nobody's getting confused...

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                              I also agree.They are as different as an Oreo and a Chocolate Chip Cookie. I bought Macarons from Tom 2 weeks ago. he told me to store them in a ziploc bag in the refirgerator and when we were going to eat them to take them out and let them warm to room temperature,

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                        I can't say enough about George's!! They are still making the original family recipe (it's a secret) and the macaroons have not changed in 40+ years. And now they dip them in chocolate (milk & dark)!!! George's also has the best (imho) fudge on the OC boardwalk.

                        Saw a mention below about Shrivers in Ocean City.....Shrivers is known for salt water taffy and that's all you should buy there. no offense.

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                          George's has macaroons. This post is about macarons.

                      3. I think we would all be better off if we distinguish between these two cookies by calling them French macarons (almond flour cookies with varied flavors ofvfilling) and Jewish macaroons (coconut-sugar drop cookies).

                        French macarons have been tough ti find in nj, much lessvfresh (it makes a big difference). I would suggest just going to NYC. They'll be fresh and higher quality, though less convenient.

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                          I just went to the Macaroon Shop in Avon this past weekend, and it looked to me like they carried both kinds -- macarOns and macarOOns. My husband is celiac and they actually carry gluten-free varieties of both.

                        2. Shrivers in Ocean City, great macaroons

                          1. Last year had french macarons from Miel Patissiere in Cherry Hill. Haven't checked if they are still making them...

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                              Meil used to have a great baker - think his first name was Robert, he was some famous pastry chef from a high end restaurant in Philly. If he's still there - the macarons will be great

                            2. Try "bo & bon" in Lakewood (95 East Kennedy Blvd.). The best and freshest almond macarons this side of the atlantic - for real.

                              1. I just had a huge macaroon (ala Paris' Laduree-style) from Crumbs in Ridgewood, NJ. They have great cupecakes there too, but I had to jump on the macaroon when I saw it. Not Paris, but well worth it!

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                                  Had a bad French macaron experience experimenting at a local bakery. I'm worried if I try another bad macaron, it will be like Pavlov's experiment. See macaron, nausea ensues. :-( Though, I may just give them a second try. Hadn't realized there were Crumbs bakeshops in Jersey. Thanks!

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                                    I find the Crumbs cupcakes to be cloyingly sweet. it's really easy, even in nice Parisian bakeries, to make macarons cloyingly sweet. The macarons with creamy filling (rosewater, etc.) are one way to avoid this. But the "jelly" filled macarons are more susceptible to being overly sweet. Which type does Crumbs make?

                                2. Try the macarons made by Tom of the Painted Truffle, which he sells at the Stockton Farmers Market on weekends. Very well done and very fresh, as are all of his confections. His chocolates are among the best I've had this side of Belgium.

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                                    The Painted Truffle has excellent macarons and indcredible truffles.

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                                      I agree, excellent macarons and chocolate.

                                  2. With Passover approaching, the macarOOns (with a double-O) should be ubiquitous soon...

                                    1. I haven't tried them yet, but Sook, a new pastry and coffee restaurant in Ridgewood, has beautiful looking macarons (even though the takeout menu spells them as "macaroons" ... ).

                                      Jmansky, which cookie are you asking about?

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                                        I am looking for macarons (one o). I certainly enjoy the "oo" variety as well - coconut, almond - especially since passover is coming up. But this particular Chowhound quest is for macarons. So I will head to Ridgewood - and Stockton - and Crumbs - thanks everyone for all the tips !

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                                          The ones in Stockton are pretty good. They are stored in a cooler case and the temperature is too low, so I'd suggest letting them warm up to room temperature before eating them.

                                          The jelly beans that the same confectioner makes are also very good. A nice alternative to the overly waxy and cloyingly sweet jelly beans you normally come across.

                                          1. re: glutton

                                            I haven't seen the jelly beans! I love jelly beans! I hope I can get there this weekend....

                                      2. I have not tried them yet, but the Blue Rooster in Cranbury has macarons.

                                        1. Patisserie St. Michel in Teaneck. I hope the store is still around. I remember buying macarons and other baked goods from here years ago.


                                          Patisserie St. Michel
                                          1389 Queen Anne Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666

                                          1. There is a new bakery on Main Street in Little Falls that has wonderful macarons. It called Asalt and Buttery. Try it!

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                                            1. Petit Paris in Montclair has wonderful MacaRONS!! They have other lovely French pastries and sandwiches as well.

                                              For MacaROONS I love the Macaroon Shoppe in Avon by the Sea. But they are NOT the same as the macaRONS the original poster inquired about.

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                                                You are absolutely right...both about the difference between the two and the places you recommended for them!

                                              2. Petit Paris
                                                10 Church St.
                                                Montclair, NJ 07042
                                                (973) 746-0288

                                                There is a perfect balance of texture and sweetness with these macarons. They have traditional and exotic flavors such as lavender, rose and green tea. They are also absolutely beautifully constructed. Petit Paris has a simple however pleasing aesthetic and there are two tables outside. The service is a bit slow and I found the employee aloof. This minor flaw in etiquette can either be chalked up to maybe that's how they are in Paris or ignored because the macarons are worth it.

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                                                  Sook in Ridgewood has great macaroons.

                                                  1. re: FoodExpression

                                                    I love everything about Sook.....it's a great experience. I'll try the macarons next time...thanks!

                                                    1. re: maryanne06

                                                      Yea the Sook people really know a lot about french style food. I just sometimes wish they were turn out more dishes for lunch. I would love to see croque monsieur or madame. If these people would open a simple brasserie I am sure that it would be nothing short of great.

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                                                        Sook's macarons are so good!!!! Pistachio is swoon-worthy. I had the crepes there one night for dinner - prosciutto, mushroom and goat cheese - and it was excellent. I sure hope they open a brasserie.

                                                  2. re: frantane

                                                    Update on Petit Paris macarons. I tried several varieties and none were proper macarons. They were good cookies but not at all macaron-like in texture , or flavor really as they were quite heavily flavoured. I have tried Laduree NYC and they are very close to the quality you get in Paris, but still not as good as the original. A good reason to travel.....

                                                    1. Not to bring a dead thread back to life but....
                                                      today I had LIFE CHANGING Macarons today.

                                                      I was driving to a friends house, taking the scenic route driving south down the Delaware and decided to stop at the Stockton's Farmers Market, on the corner of bridge street and route 29 south.

                                                      If you rarely leave the highly congested highways of jersey, especially the infamously backed up route 29 in Trenton, then let me be the first to welcome you in, into the REAL New Jersey.

                                                      The vendors at the Stockton Farmers Market change seasonally, but even when I was disappointed to have missed one particularly vendor I've always been thrilled to discover a new favorite to fill the empty spot in my heart (and stomach!)

                                                      When my last relationship ended, we had a serious debate about who "got" SFM, Specifically, Mighty Quinn's for their Pit Beef-pulled pork but made of cow, Alas, all sold out, In factm Quinn;s was sold out of everything EXCEPT their baked beans and corn salad. So I got a bit of those to take home.

                                                      Still Hungry I decided to take the rounds and see what the other vendors still had available. My first stop was a pastry corner, where the owner rattled off a whole list of type of macarons at me and then gestured emphatically for me to try as many as I liked. Bad move lady, If I didn;t need get to work tomorow, and thus home tonight, I wold STILL be syanding there trying out those godly bits of mouth mecca.
                                                      I know I walked away after buy a half dozen of the best flavors, and I know at least half of THOSE made it home, but I have to admit there aren't any left for me to try to create hierarchy from. Alasm tuesday I'll have to buy (MANY) more,

                                                      Next to the macaron mecca was a small table with one or two unsealed tins of... must?
                                                      Not mush. Locally grown hormone and antibiotic free duck liver pate. *Groan*

                                                      Now I was clearly in trouble so I tried to start sneaking towards the door, blinkering my eyes with hands, trying to even to breath the additively wafting scents of sugar, salt, umami, 0 basically every good thing the human body is capable of smelling.

                                                      I did manage to leave, finally. My wallet was lighter, and yet my heart was heavier, for I knew I;d have to come back again, when all the vendors were stocked, when I could have a complete orgy....

                                                      Next time. I think I might bring a date too. Because anyone who fails to marry me after I introduce him to all this bounty, well, he must be a pallattery eunuch.

                                                      1. Lil Cutie Pops
                                                        16 Monmouth Street, Red Bank
                                                        (732) 383-5602

                                                        Awesome macarons.

                                                        1. There is a creperie place in East Brunswick that sells macarOns. It's La Crepe French Bakery and Cafe. Address is 1020 Rte 18, East Brunswick NJ.


                                                          They're $1.10 each. It's a cute place and located in the same strip mall as Burger King. Hope they make it because the whole strip mall seems abandoned!

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                                                            I just went to this place yesterday and ordered three macarons at 1.75 each. I was not impressed. The macarons lacked the crisp exterior and the filling was gummy. The vanilla flavor was not near strong enough and tasted chemically. The chocolate coconut one was very faint in it's flavors and the raspberry one seemed to be artificially flavored. Still on the hunt for good local macarons!

                                                          2. I was shopping in Sickles Market, Little Silver, NJ today and they had macarons for .99/each. Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Lemon and Raspberry.

                                                            1. Stockton Market - 2nd booth on left after you enter

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                                                                I love his macarons. Probably taking a ride there tomorrow to get some!

                                                              2. Mad Mac in Paterson, NJ

                                                                1. I'm a macaron addict (although I agree that the Macaroon Shop makes some tasty OOs). My go-to for Os is Asalt and Buttery in Little Falls...however I don't always have the time to drive the 120 mi round trip. I was recently pleasantly surprised by the quality, texture and flavors of the Os at Tous Les Jours, the French bakery located in the Edison Hmart.