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May 17, 2010 09:18 AM

Looking for CHIFA in DC.

Ive been to Kampo in Va. and thought it was one of the WORST meals I have ever had. It was about a year ago, so if its changed a lot I might consider going back. But Im hoping there is somewhere within an hour of DC with good, real, chifa.

Kampo Restaurant
5884 Leesburg Pike Ste D, Falls Church, VA 22041

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  1. Kam Po is the only Peruvian-Chinese restaurant I know of in the area. I have yet tor try it. Where have you had it and what are some typical dishes you are looking for?

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      Kam Po is the place I mentioned above. I thought it was terrible, and thats an understatement. The food was awful and the place is just plain dirty. As for typical dishes, I've only had it a few times, and that was mostly in Peru but here are a few, mind you not to be confused with our traditional expectation of Chinese food, but in Chifa style :
      Chaufa Rice (Fried Rice)
      Fried Noodles
      Fried Soy
      Wantan Soup
      Kam Lu Wantan
      Chijaukai chicken
      Tipa Kay Chicken