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May 17, 2010 08:44 AM

Smokin' Jakes BBQ in Irondale, ON

Just wondering if anyone knows what is going on with this "chip-truck" style bbq place - i really liked the pulled pork sandwich i had there last year. This weekend i drove by, the "truck" is still there, empty - but the store/gas station beside it is being renovated/torn down. There was no info.

Is he planning on opening again this year?

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  1. I sure hope he is open this year. His pulled pork is fantastic. We weren't as struck by the ribs.He told me last fall that he would be opening "May 24th" w/e and had plans to build a restaurant in Gooderham ?next year. I think his business was quite good.

    The general store burned late winter.

    1. I must have come on a bad day. I found his pulled pork very dry and really needing sauce. He seemed knowledgeable and wanted to chat so I will try again this year. It was great to find a restaurant near the cottage that actually had promise. I am up there next weekend and will report back.

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        Dear Valued customers and friends, as some of you may already know 4 weeks ago there was a fire at the Irondale gas station. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the health department had deemed the area unfit for business until the restoration of the gas station and general store is complete.

        This was a bit disappointment for me as I was already to open a second successful season at that location. This left me to scramble and try to find another location.
        I am pleased to announce I have found a restaurant in Gooderham and will hope to secure the lease June !st. I will update Everyone June 1, 2010 and give everyone a firm opening date at this time, but I am looking at a July 1, 2010 opening.

        Thank You everyone for your concern and support....See You all soon!!!

        Best Regards,

        Shane Leach

      2. good luck on getting your new place going, and we will definately be dropping in when you open.

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        1. re: Lefty

          Great news Shane. We were by there this am and not sure but thought we saw a sold sign on "Sherri's" on the highway. Your new place??? Keep CH posted as we will definitely be by.

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            We are heading up this way for a couple of weeks. Any news of when he might open?

        2. Drove through Goodham this weekend and didn't see any sign of a new place. Anyone hear anything?

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          1. re: Shorttyred

            I am by there frequently and see no sign of a new place although there seems to be a chip truck in the old place. Was hoping you were going to say he was up and running as we will be by there in a few hours.

          2. Iam in Gooderham now, but wont be open till next spring, but you can find me at horseshoe days in Gooderham during the long weekend.....I have some shoulder butts smokin as we speak...