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May 17, 2010 07:12 AM

Horse & Hound Inn in South Salem, NY... I remember what it once was. Will the "new" one be depressing?

Many years ago, the Horse & Hound was up there with the region's great restaurants (Stonehenge, Fox Hill).

The website says that the current owners have done a casual/Mediterranean thing for the past twelve years.

Has anyone been there? I wonder if it's worth our time just to go see the old place. I'm afraid that I'll just get very frustrated if they've done a major re-decoration of the fabulous old dining rooms. Worse, do I really want to spoil my memory of this place by eating a burger (or "chicken marsala") there?

I know there must be 'hounds that remember what this place once was... I've been thinking about going for a couple of years now and actually almost pulled off the highway at Route 35 two weeks ago on the way back to CT from NYC.

So what say you? Should I just keep the memories and forget about the visit or should I brave it and try not to be discouraged? Could it be that these new owners actually have something going on that's worthy of the Horse & Hound history? I'd be delighted to hear good things...

Horse & Hound
94 Spring St, South Salem, NY 10590

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  1. I can't imagine a time when the Horse and Hound was ever up there with any great restaurants. Ate there a few years ago and it was nothing to write home about. I'd be curious when it was great. Before the renovation several years before II ate there as well and it was a bar on one side and a restaurant on the other, and I could barely eat because of the smoke.

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      wcg's view of the Horse and Hound jives with what I have heard of this place, which is why I have never gone there, eventhough it is in town.

      For me, an old favorite inn-type place in the area was Inn at Pound Ridge, back when it was owned and run by a Brit. Really nice, IMO. Then it changed hands and name (Emily something or other? I forget) and wasn't as good. Now out of business I believe.

      1. re: chipmonger

        Emily Shaw's Inn, was a classic! Jack Shaw was a great restaurateur but the place went downhill and then closed after he died. That was about 25-30 years ago, or more.

        The hey-day of the Horse and Hound actually ended in about 1984, when owner Claus Hattasch sold it and retired to Bermuda or somewhere like that.

    2. I, too, remember many special game dinners at the Horse & Hound with former owners Claus and his wife Robyn. BTW, if anyone has any [current] info on them PLS post. Last I heard they were planning on moving to St. Croix, VI. THNX

      Horse & Hound
      94 Spring St, South Salem, NY 10590