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A Day of Regional Eating

Yesterday was a delicious day of Downeast Maine dining; fish cakes and beans for breakfast, fried clams and lobster rolls for lunch and a mess of steamed clams washed down w/ cold Bar Harbor Ale for supper. Then I started thinking......what would be my ideal day of food back in New Mexico: huevos rancheros for breakfast, chile rellanos (w/ New Mexico chiles, not poblanos, sorry Veggo) and red chile stacked enchiladas w/ a fried egg on top. Oh, yes a soppapailla w/ honey for dessert. Back in Norway, it would be pickled herring for breakfast, open face shrimp sandwiches (rekker smorbrod) for lunch and either pan fried cod tongues and cheeks, baked salmon stuffed w/ chanterelles or a reindeer roast for supper. What are your favorites for a day of regional eating?
Carpe Chow!

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  1. well... I tend to copy everywhere elses cuisine most of the time, but there probably is a theme I could find.

    Ok, breakfast could probably be Gloucester old spot sausages and bacon with some free-range scrabled eggs on (granary) toast. Apples have to go in somewhere (preferably cider) so maybe an apple pie with some (not stricly MY region but close enough) devonshire clotted cream.
    Lunch would be... why not a ploughmans, with some proper English Cheddar. Or maybe that should be supper.

    Lunch would be... steak. I'd just have steak and spinach because that's what I'm having for tea and I can't think of anything else. In fact, apart from the pie and the eggs on toast I don't much fancy any of the others at all.
    But I'm sure I have seen a cow round about these parts, and that's where steak comes from so it's regional.

    How come not poblanos? Just like the others better?

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    1. re: Soop

      Where I lived in NW New Mexico, I don't think I ever saw a poblano or a tomatillo. It was the Colorado Plateau, high plains dessert & mountains, colder than Maine in the winter.

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        I think anchos are probably my favorite ever chile

    2. Louisiana regional eating day:

      Breakfast: Beignets and hot chocolate (I'm not a coffee drinker)
      Lunch: Shrimp Po' Boy, dressed - and Sweet Tea with Lemon
      Dinner: Half & Half (that's Crawfish Etoufeé and Fried Crawfish Tails on a platter) with white rice and a little cornbread or hushpuppies on the side. Bread pudding to follow, natch.

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      1. re: mcsheridan

        As a side note, it would be fun to guess where people are from based on their suggestions (although some may find it much easier than others. I reckon you're Louisianna?

        1. re: Soop

          Nope...exile from The Bronx living in NJ. Just Love everything Cajun/LA, though.

        2. re: mcsheridan

          I would love to join you at the table!
          Breakfast: Grillades, maybe calas but probably cheese grits
          Lunch: Natchitoches meat pies
          Dinner: Chicken sauce piquante, dirty rice and macque choux. Doberge cake if I can fit it in.

          1. re: JungMann

            I'll set a place for ya'.

            Ooooh, Maque Choux! How could I have left that out?

          2. re: mcsheridan

            I'll add my LA eating wish list:
            Breakfast: Grillades and grits with either a bloody mary or bloody bull to start and possibly a brandy milk punch after.
            Lunch: Roast beef poboy with swiss, dressed & a little Tabasco, with an Abita Wheat
            Dinner: Boiled crawfish, no room for dessert.

            I would also sneak a snowball in there as well, come to think of it I had this exact food (minus the grillades and grits) a few weeks ago.

          3. Breakfast ~~ a breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, beans, hash browns, salsa, and either bacon or polish sausage wrapped in a flour tortilla

            Lunch ~~ Cobb Salad, with turkey, avocado, bacon, blue cheese, green onions, on romaine

            Dinner ~~ Grilled halibut, served with a steamed stuffed artichoke and fresh hot tortilla chips and guacamole, and a walk on the pier where I'd get a chocolate covered frozen banana

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            1. re: laliz

              I want to add a snack of a date shake in there

            2. only one of my domiciles has identifiable regional food -guess....
              breakfast --huevos motulenos
              fruit plate with sliced papaya, mango, pineapple, watermelon
              lunch-- grilled shrimp with veracruz sauce
              a couple chiladas
              dinner-- conch ceviche
              whole fried boquinette (hogfish) with crispy garlic sauce
              authentic margarita

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                1. re: Passadumkeg

                  Ham with pineapple pizza is trashed on threads here, but in Mexico I guarantee it runs a close second to pepperoni. There are a lot of tiny by-the-slice take-out on the run locations, few sit down spots.

                2. re: Veggo

                  No, way, Jose! Just further proof you've been away from the Land of Steady Habits too long.

                  Breakfast: Start with any tea you'd like from Harney. I dunno, what's very "breakfast in CT?" My mom would vote for native asparagus on toast at this time of year. I could make a strata with it. Then again, who can resist O'Rourke's? Passadumkeg can't!

                  Lunch: How 'bout a rare steamed cheeseburger from Katty's kitchen? Would you like a blonde Hooker with that?

                  Is it hot out? Let's go to Vecchitto's in Middletown, CT to get lemon ice for dessert! Just wait till Memorial Day weekend, please.

                  Dinner: zuppa di clams casino alla Speranza--that is to say "my way" :)--with a nice Chardonnay from the Connecticut Wine Trail. Two of my favorites: Sharpe Hill's American and Heritage Trail's.

                  And one more day of food, please. Gotta go to Lenny & Joe's for a scallop roll (then to the beach for a bike ride) before heading to Napoli in Meriden, CT for my favorite calzone in the world. Napoli is BYO. Pick your favorite red from the wine trail (Jonathan Edwards) and let's go!

                  OK, so who's with me on this meal plan? :)

                    1. re: kattyeyes

                      Asparagus on toast is a CT breakfast dish? I can't wrap my brain around that.

                      I'd be hard pressed to describe a NoCal typical day of eating. Gotta think on that one.

                      1. re: c oliver

                        It is to my mother. She serves it with a white sauce over the top. I'm just thinking asparagus is native right now. I really can't think of a CT breakfast dish. If someone else can, please have at it!

                        1. re: kattyeyes

                          CT breakfast dish? Blueberry pancakes with hand picked wild blueberries and home made maple syrup.

                          1. re: Veggo

                            Pretty much all of New England, Pa. too. Mmmmmm blue berry pancakes & maple syruple.

                        2. re: c oliver

                          NoCal? Macro biotics. Fruit & granola for brekkie, organic salad for lunch & tofu for suppah?

                          1. re: Passadumkeg

                            You asked for MY favorites!!! Nope to those; thanks for offering though :) Maybe because we're a state of fairly recent immigrants, I don't see alot. Certainly sourdough toast and Dungeness crab. And artichokes. Garlic from Gilroy. Gonna have to think on this one. Yesterday was homemade sausage, grits and eggs for breakfast. Different region but damn fine.

                            1. re: c oliver

                              Sorry, I forgot the Altadeena organic yogurt and quinoa!
                              Speaking of quinoa, in Bolivia, saltenas, papaya and coffee to start the day; quinoa soup, pollo a la broasted w/ fries, rice and a Ducal beer for lunch; and a good charasco w/ que, udder and sausages (quail too) for supper. Cherimoya ice cream for dessert. Udderly deliscious.

                              1. re: c oliver

                                Cioppino, hangtown fry, pan-fried sand dabs, It's its, wild salmon (this is hypothetical, as there's no salmon fishing in the Delta now), Meyer lemons, Double Rainbow ice cream, taco trucks, and Peet's coffee, and oysters are all things with either local origin, heavy local presence, or that are abundantly produced, in Northern and North Central California. One could make a good day of eating of all that plus sourdough and our great local fruits and vegetables.

                                  1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                                    I thought of hangtown fry but not the others. And by includig It's Its, it really rings the memory bell. For those not familiar with it,here's the link:


                        3. By the seaside by the beautiful sea:
                          Breakfast: hot chocolate with Marshmallow Fluff, pancakes with maple syrup.
                          Lunch: New England clam chowder with oyster crackers, whole belly fried clams, lobster roll on buttered grilled hot dog roll, Sam Adams beer.
                          Dinner: bucket o'steamers, steamed 2 lb. lobster, baked beans, corn o/t cob, Alfalfa Farm Seyval Blanc or more beer. Harpoon IPA for example.

                          Not saying I'd actually eat All of that in a typical day. But it sure looks good on paper.

                          1. Breakfast ~~~ Ice cold, homemade tomato juice --- Country Ham & Red-Eye Gravy, Grits, Eggs, Biscuits, Coffee & Chicory.

                            Lunch ~~~ Tomato Sammiches, With Dukes Mayo and juice running off my chin. Cold Iced tea!! ~~ Pass the napkins please!!!

                            Supper ~~~ Bourbon neat....Fried Catfish, hush puppies, creamy slaw, and FF potatoes --- Or maybe replace the slaw and potatoes with a big bowl of mustard greens full of turnip roots --- Warm peach cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream.

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                            1. re: Uncle Bob

                              Sweet sassy pancakes, Uncle Bob. I'm salivatin'. But how you gon' get fresh 'maters this time a-year? Hmm?

                              That's pretty much exactly what I'd put for my regional day. Maybe fried chicken instead of fried catfish, unless I caught them catfish in the crick behind my house!

                              1. re: LauraGrace

                                A thousand pardons my dear...I was thinking of the near future...not the here and now!!
                                The fresh maters will be a while longer...The green ones however are looking good and the fresh squeezed juice....Well, I am well supplied from the bunker.......;).

                                1. re: Uncle Bob

                                  Ah... the homey, comforting sight of jar after jar of Mason jars lined up on one's shelves.

                              2. re: Uncle Bob

                                I'll have what you're having Uncle Bob...all the things I grew up eating....I'm hungry!

                              3. Breakfast - black pudding, Cumberland sausage, eggs.

                                Lunch - Cheshire cheese on a balm cake

                                Dinner - Potted shrimps, followed by pork pie, Manchester tart to finish. Vimto to drink.

                                Pretty much a normal day of gluttony at Chateau Harters - apart from the Vimto, which I'm not too keen onbut is the only regional non-alcoholic drink I could think of. Mrs H would have some Robinsons bitter (the beer being brewed in our town)

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                                1. re: Harters

                                  What is a balm cake? Is it this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barm_cake
                                  And what are potted shrimps?
                                  Just curious. Thanks!

                                  1. re: Pia

                                    Yep - that's a balm/barm.

                                    As for the shrimps, very much a north west England thing (produced in either Cumbria or Lancashire from shrimp fished in Morecambe Bay). These brown shrimps don't live anywhere else on our coast (similar live off the Dutch coast, where they call them grey shrimp, I think):

                                    The shrimps are hand-peeled (an awful job when you consider how tiny the brown shrimp is); cooked with a little spice (usually just pepper & mace); mixed with melted butter and potted. When cool, a layer of butter is then added to seal the pot.

                                    1. re: Harters

                                      Thanks for such a great description!

                                      Are they reheated or served at room temperature?

                                        1. re: meatn3

                                          Room temperature - with bread and a very biq squeeze of lemon. It's a very rich starter as you can imagine with all the butter.

                                          That said, we've also had some success in tossing it into pasta as a a starter. Also needs the lemon and, maybe, a little chilli. Not at all traditional - my mum would be spinning in her grave. LOL

                                          By the by, potting (and sealing the pot with butter) was a common way of preserving in Britain in the "olden days" - much in the same way as the French preserve by "confit".

                                          1. re: Harters

                                            pate is also sealed this way - sorry I can't do the French accents on my computer.

                                            1. re: smartie

                                              Pate is the same language derivation as the English "paste". And potted meat (or meat paste, as I used to know it) is still quite common. In fact, I tend to make it with leftover stew meat, whizzing it in the processor. Great sandwiches.

                                  2. If I were to go local, let's see:

                                    Breakfast: Big, greasy breakfast at a local Macedonian place...it isn't well know, but their scrambled eggs, hash browns with onions, and homemade smoked sausage hits the spot like no other.

                                    Lunch: Has to be roast beef on weck. It is kind of up to the individual where you go, but lunch has to be beef on weck with hot salty french fries and a pickle.

                                    Dinner: A fish fry with slaw, potato salad, dinner roll and church lady pie (or other delicious dessert of similar origins).

                                    Late night snack: A Molson with medium wings from the bar. Always tasty!

                                    Midnight treat: Antacid and pepto

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                                    1. re: milkyway4679

                                      Beef on weck? I'm Buffaloed! Yum. I don't understand all the too-doo about wings.

                                    2. OK, Pass. Since you've got some Jersey time in ya, I'll throw a Central NJ bone . . .

                                      Let's start breakfast with Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese on a Hard Roll - S&P and 'chup, please. Not that hungry, just a buttered Hard Roll then.

                                      Lunch. Well, I'm torn. Perhaps we should go the thin crust pizza/tomato pie route? Good Jersey fare, indeed. Then again, I've always been a big fan of the Sloppy Joe. Not that canned Manwich crap, oh no. I'm talkin' roast beef, turkey, maybe corned beef, swiss cheese, cole slaw, some thousand island dressing, rye bread. Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about.

                                      Dinner. Well, if we skipped the pie at lunch, now's the time. Maybe get a veal parm sub to go with it? Not feelin' it. Hell, they been knockin' the hell out of fluke in the Bay. We could fry some up - lemon wedges, tartar sauce . . . "Got any of those rolls left from breakfast? Oh, sh*t and throw a slice of tomato on that f*cker!"

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                                      1. re: MGZ

                                        Are the fluke postage stamps or door mats?
                                        OK, MGZ, my ideal chow day in the Garden State:
                                        For breakfast, my grandmother's marinated herring on corn rye bread, smoked whiting or chubs too.
                                        Lunch in the spring, definitely a soft shell crab sandwich again on corn rye (Remember Seitze's Bakery on Whitehead Ave.?) w/ a thick, thick slice of Jersey tomato.
                                        Supper would have to be Jersey seafood. The old Hoboken Clam Broth House's clam zuppa followed by a few dozen cherry stone clams as a starter. Fluke sauteed in butter w/ lemon (just like mom used to make) and a few dozen ears of Jersey sweet corn from my cousin's farm in E. Brunswick. Dessert? NJ strawberry short cake (tradition on my birthday in June) or NJ peaches marinated in port, another of me mum's favorites.
                                        Then there are all the great Slavic, Italian, Portuguese and Latin foods as well. I think I'm over due for a trip home. North Jersey, the epicenter of the hot dog.

                                      2. Breakfast: Three eggs, hashbrowns, bacon or ham, coffee, juice

                                        Lunch: Open face hot roast beef or pork sandwhich (with mashed taters and gravy). No veg Soda

                                        Dinner: Burgers on the grill, sweet corn, cucumber salad. Ice cream. Ice cold PBR bottles.

                                        Couldn't eat all those meals in the same week, much less the same day but that's flyover country farmer food.

                                        1. Breakfast, grits or hashbrowns, bacon, ham, and or sausage, toast or pancakes, and egss, although I don't eat them. Lunch, chicken fried steak with cream gravy, on the side for me, mashed potatoes, and a salad, plus some pecan pie. Dinner has got to be TexMex, guacamole, carne asada, cheese enchiladas, and yes Pass, a poblano pepper chile relleno. Throw in a few skinny margaritas, and sopapillas. An alternate meal since it's crawfish season, oysters on the half shell, crawfish etoufee, and as many pounds of boiled crawfish you can eat, with corn and potatoes.

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                                          1. re: James Cristinian

                                            Hey JC, I don't mind a poblano relleno, if someone else makes them (I've made them too, but don't tell Veggo), it's just that I learned to make them using New Mexican green chiles.

                                          2. having lived in south Fl for over 5 years I still cannot tell you what is local food here. It seems to be a mix of southern, New York, Cuban and err well I don't know. Yes there's mahi mahi, grouper and other fish but you would be hard pressed IMO to find anything Florida in this area.

                                            so I will go with a Southern kind of breakfast, eggs, home fries, biscuits gravy etc, lunch maybe some NY deli and dinner local caught fish.

                                            Help me I am stuck for ideas.

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                                            1. re: smartie

                                              I remember the first time I went to South Florida for work. I was looking forward to homemade empanadas or pastelitos brought around by the locals. A little old lady came ambling toward me with her tray as I manned the phones, bent down and mouthed in a stage whisper, "Would you like a rugelach, honey?"

                                            2. Well here in Beijing, a regional eating day would start with egg and duck flatbread (jian bing) fried on a greasy street-cart griddle and topped with romaine lettuce, hoisin sauce and chili paste. Lunch would be a big bowl of hand-pulled noodles ( la mein) in clear broth with sliced horse meat, cilantro, and more chili paste, almost like a horse pho. Dinner would be a Peking duck from a local neighborhood casual restaurant, not one of the big tourist traps, and other dishes might include steamed spicy grassfish, red-cooked eggplant, deep-fried lamb roast with cumin, stir-fried pea shoots, napa cabbage, and cold mixed seaweed with garlic.

                                              On a homesick day, longing for Chicago, I might dream of a regional day like this: Breakfast of gyros omlet, biscuits and gravy, black coffee, and hash browns from a greek diner. Back-to-back tacos al pastor with green salsa and Johnnie's Italian beef with hot giardenera for lunch. And for dinner... ah who am I kidding, probably another Italian beef sandwich or three.

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                                              1. re: RealMenJulienne

                                                I am somewhere over Pennsylvania right now, craving your Chicago meal itinerary. I think more likely for me today will be:
                                                Breakfast: Julius Meinl coffee, pastry
                                                Lunch: Xoco tortas
                                                Dinner: Stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and Miller Lights

                                                1. re: JungMann

                                                  From Chicago breakfast; three eggs over easy w/sausage and country fries. orange juice and black coffee.
                                                  lunch; hot dog /works, french fries and sparkling water.
                                                  dinner; a nice thick ribeye steak, corn on the cob, tossed green salad and a good cold Stella Artois or two.

                                              2. A quick breakfast for a work day: egg & country ham biscuit and coffee.
                                                A leisurely breakfast would be grits with s/p and butter, country sausage, egg over easy, broiled tomatoes, biscuits and coffee.

                                                Dinner at a meatn3: roast pork or fried chicken, greens with pepper vinegar, crowder peas & sweet potatoes. Sweet tea. More sweet tea.

                                                Barbecue for supper: chopped East Carolina style pork, slaw, (my Brunswick stew is passed over to my SO), hush puppies, a Bad Penny Ale or projecting into the future, a beer from Fullsteam Brewery. Banana Pudding for dessert! Real banana pudding with the vanilla wafers still a bit crisp and the bananas sweet.

                                                I'll abandon my region for one side dish and add baked beans rather than boiled potatoes with supper.

                                                Later in the evening a bourbon and branch out back while we watch the fire flies and talk about the day.

                                                1. breakfast: buttermilk pancakes made with farm eggs and dairy and good local-mill flour, topped with grassfed butter and my mom's maple syrup or a chairback fruit syrup, apple juice; or wild rice porridge with honey or maple, fruit & local kefir; or leftover square-cut pizza ;)

                                                  lunch: grass-fed burger with mushrooms and sharp cheddar; or a hmong pork sausage sliced into a skillet with garden vegetables.

                                                  dinner: grilled trout stuffed with herbs, butter sauce, baby potatoes, green kale & beans, this time of year. a surly tallboy. fruit pie and artisan ice cream for dessert.

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                                                  1. Breakfast for me would be over easy eggs smother w/ green chile - has browns and thick / fluffy flour tortillas to sop everything up with (New Mexico)

                                                    Lunch would be A Burrito made with Char Grilled (no, not flat iron grilled) outer skirt steak, diced onion, cilantro, avocado, and screamin hot chile de arbol salsa (Chicago)

                                                    Mid afternoon snack - steamers and crusty bread

                                                    Dinner - A texas plate of Q. Turkey, brisket, spares, beans.

                                                    Dessert - Real Mississippi pecan pie. (more pecans than custard)

                                                    Late night snack (as if:) Some REAL crab cakes.

                                                    1. If you can consider the past a region, here goes. Italian South Brooklyn, summer, 1959.
                                                      Breakfast-- Toast, juice, and coffee.
                                                      Lunch--Mortadella, provolone, and pickled red peppers on Sicilian sesame seed hero. At least 2 bottles of cold Manhattan Special.
                                                      Dinner--Backyard under the grape vine (yeah, we had one). Simple spaghetti with tomato basil pummarola. Grilled hot and sweet Italian sausages, more pickled peppers, tomato, red onion, and oregano salad, cold potato and parsley salad. Refrigerator espresso, or in its regional appellation, black coffee.. Watermelon. Lemon ices for all from Pilato's pastry shop. Eaten on the stoop, in famiglia.

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                                                      1. I might have come up with an idea of my own, but your Maine day wiped all other thoughts right out of my mind. You're a lucky man, Pass.

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                                                        1. re: Pat Hammond

                                                          We returned to the States form 10 years in Scandinavia with sick fathers. Mine was in Nj. I asked myself, "How close do you want to live to NJ?" Where ever I've lived I have I have searched for great local cuisine. I made a promise to myself in Feb. '68 and am trying to keep it.

                                                        2. Tidewater Virginia Regional Eating - my version
                                                          Breakfast - Eggs Chesapeake - think Eggs Benedict with crabmeat added - grits and fried apples
                                                          Lunch - ham biscuits (butter please, not mayo), anyone want my green beans?
                                                          Dinner - Spring - Shad Roe, asparagus & chocolate chess pie, Summer - soft shell crabs, corn bread (or hushpuppies), sliced tomatoes & homemade peach ice cream, fall or winter - my grandmothers brains and eggs, biscuits with honey, cherry pie (everything I never learned from my GM).
                                                          Cathy - swooning....