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May 16, 2010 10:33 PM

opinions on which place to buy sushi grade fish/seafood in SF?

hi folks - i am having a sushi party and have been doing some homework on the best place to buy sushi grade fish and seafood in the city. close to the mission is a plus, but i'm willing to travel. so far the best options seem to be:
mission market fish & poultry (mission)
sun fat seafood (mission)
nijiya market (japantown)
san francisco fish company (ferry building)

any feelings about whether variety, quality & prices are that different amongst the four?
are there other stores that should be on this list?


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  1. Should be on any sushi list but eliminated because it is geographically undesirable,in this case, is Tokyo Fish Berkeley.

    1. Nijiya in Japantown carries many of the more hard-to-find sushi-grade fish offerings that you won't get at places like San Francisco Fish Company; uni, ankimo, and smaller, fresher squid and octopus. Also, Nijiya's offerings of maguro and toro are incomparable.

      San Francisco Fish Company
      1 Ferry Building # 31, San Francisco, CA 94111-4230

      1. nijiya, and then uoki up the street on post, is where i would go for sashimi-grade fish. you can go to both places and compare for freshness. as carriewas said, you will not get the same variety if you don't go to a japanese grocery.

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        1. The times I have gone for sushi grade fish, Mission Market has only had tuna. It is very good, but if you were looking for a ton of options, it might not hit the mark. I believe it is roughly $20 a lb.
          They have tuna marked sushi grade at Manilla Market as well at a ridiculously lower price, possibly like $12 a lb.