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May 16, 2010 08:26 PM

Hong Kong Style Cafe Opens on Convoy

In the San Gabriel Valley, it seems like every other new Chinese restaurant that opens is a Hong Kong style cafe. Fortunately, San Diego seems to have been spared that trend. (Actually, there's nothing wrong with Hong Kong cafe food--it's quite good. It's only when there's one on every block that it becomes annoying.) Opening on Convoy St. is A Cafe, which has a number of your Hong Kong style cafe favorites including pork chop with spaghetti, baked sole with creamy corn sauce, ham and macaroni soup, and Hong Kong style milk tea. Also other interesting items, such as pan fried ramen, and for some reason onion pancakes and Shanghai dumplings. Menu is rather limited in size, but then again the cafe itself only holds about 30 people. And if you like home made fish balls (actually, more like fish cake), the ones here in the ho fun soup is terrific. A Cafe is at 4646 Convoy, fronting right on the street.

Hong Kong Restaurant
3871 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

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  1. Thank you, thank you for this post... I've sorely missed the HK cafes of home and I've always wished there was one here. And now there is. Woohoo!

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      Tried this place yesterday. I remember seeing the sign for it while driving down Convoy and wondering if it was an actual HK style cafe.


      Like Chandavkl mentioned the place is really small. Also parking is horrible since it basically shares the parking lot with the Tapioca Express/Crab Hut/etc. strip mall (aka parking lot from hell). From the look of the decor in the place I'm wondering if it's owned by the same owner as Crepe World/Yogurt World.

      We ordered the Spicy Chicken Wings appetizer and the Deep Fried Pork Chop meal. The chicken wings were quite good, they were battered and fried nicely with crisp skin. The batter was well seasoned and they had a lot of flavor. Unforutunately the same could not be said about the deep fried pork chop. I was expecting something similar to salt and pepper pork chop, but the pork chop was actually cooked japanese tonkotsu style. The pork was dry and there was not much seasoning at all. The sides served were simple steamed vegetables and rice. The vegetables were also not seasoned at all. I also ordered a Mango Black Tea which was pretty good, although not up to par with Tea Station (albeit cheaper at $2.75).

      Overall I would say its a nice attempt but probably not good enough to make me want to go back. Maybe if I do go back next time I'll try to fish balls.

      1. re: mliew

        Actually, this is owned by the same person who owns DeDe's across the street, so I was hoping for a bit more as I like DeDe's a lot...

        We tried three dishes: Spicy fried rice with basil, singapore style noodles (w/chow fun noodles) and deep fried cornish game hen. The best dish was the singapore style noodles, that's one dish I would definitely order again, though calling it "spicy" is a stretch. The fried rice was under-seasoned and pretty lame. The deep fried cornish game hen was dry yet greasy at the same time and came with an odd, bland spanish-style rice (but with egg) and blah steamed veggies.

        I'll probably try it again and try some different things, but only because one of the guys I work with is fond of HK style food.

        1. re: mikec

          Thanks for the update. I'll have to give the singapore style noodles a try.