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May 16, 2010 07:34 PM

HELP! Need advice for New Haven lunch on Monday

Yes, I know this is late, but I'm coming from Boston to pick up a NY friend at the train station tomorrow. We need a lunch spot that's open on Mondays. We had planned on Louis', Sally's, or Modern, but all seem to be closed on Mondays. We've had Pepes before so are looking for something different. And it doesn't have to be burgers or pizza! Any ideas? ( BTW, if we do end up at Pepe's what will the line be like at 1:15?) Thanks!

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  1. Not to worry, New Haven's a great food town. The best option is probably to head to the Yale Medical School campus and eat at the food carts... Unbelievable variety (20+ trucks, everything from sushi to fancy salads to pho). York Street and Cedar Street, 5 minutes from the train station. For fancier, try Barcelona or Bespoke restaurants. Good thai at Bangkok Gardens....

    Bangkok Garden Restaurant
    172 York St, New Haven, CT 06511

    1. Bar, Bentara, the Taco trucks on Long Wharf since its such a nice day.

      76 Orange Street, New Haven, CT 06510

      1. I know its a little late in the day but there is a fab new restaurant downtown on corner of Crown & Temple St with a great outdoor patio called Kelly's. They have the best burgers & mussels in a coconut curry broth that I ever tasted. Overall there is a wide variety to choose from on the menu, another favorite is the Pulled pork quesadilla. Check it out!