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May 16, 2010 07:24 PM

John's - A quick review. 1048 Bathurst, 1 block south Dupont, Italian style

John's is connected to the eponymous establishments on Baldwin St. & also College St. Imtimate with excellent food and service at a reasonable cost.
John's opened about four months ago in an unlikely address with a capacity for approximately 20 diners maximum.
Three of us ate there alone and had an above average meal including superb carpaccio, decent risotto, fine red snapper, normal salmon and unusual short rib + trufle oil ravioli.
You can watch the chef preparing everything behind the open bar and can request any variation you would like. We were given a sample of deserts gratis - yet another pleasant touch to an enjoyable evening.
Total cost for three including tip, excluding a reasonably priced wine - $ 150
Let us know your experience if you try it.

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  1. I tried to get takeout and they wouldn't do it...looked kinda dumpy, too...never like the Baldwin one...terrible pizza...Marimba!

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      Looik forward to your comments when you actually try the restaurant itself

    2. i was there for dinner last friday and had a very nice dinner with my wife and two kids. the were four others having dinner but that was it, so the service was quick and the food fresh and as the other review noted it was reasonably priced. the location is not user friendly and i imagine they will have a tough go of it. for those who frequent the tarragon you now have one more option

      1. This "John's" is more like the Baldwin street spot used to be - more high end than the College street spot. I had dinner there last week, and the pasta and salad were great. Authentic feel and service very friendly. I'm going back there tonight. I like this area - there is a reasonable concentration of good places around here. and I'm happy to stay away from college st. and bloor st.

        1. Went there for a third time on Saturday evening. Our group were the only diners. Everyone had very satisfactory and interesting food and would recommend. Cost $40 per head including tip and house wine.

          1. Anyone been recently? I think some CHers had a dinner get together there a little while back. Curious to know what the highlights are for the menu. It is in the running for a dinner tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Going to Tarragon for a show and have a voucher for this place from one of the group buy sites