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Recos for Monterrey - lunch?

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I'm flying to Monterrey this week on business and I'll only have time to grab lunch somewhere. Any recommendations on where would be a good choice? I like all types of food.


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  1. Monterrey is not that big but the metropolitan area is: San Pedro, San Nicolás, Santa Catarina, Guadalupe, Escobedo, the traffic gets ugly and if you won´t have much time for lunch ....around what area are you going to be?

    1. Without a doubt, you go to San Carlos for cabrito al pastor. It's the best of the best. El Rey del Cabrito is nice, but San Carlos? ufff

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        @xacinta...My flight leaves later that night, sorry should have been clearer on that. Traffic doesn't scare me - I live in DF! I'm going to be around Col. Cumbres.

        @streetgourmetla...love your enthusiasm with the "ufff" I'll have to try it!