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May 16, 2010 06:30 PM

Citrus County: Avoid Rustic Ranch

Inverness, Florida got a new restaurant about a month ago (April, 2010) and it was time to check it out, support a new, local business and such. Never again. Rustic Ranch is on Hwy 41, across from "the old courthouse." My wife and I both ordered mushroom swiss burgers, but each cooked differently. While we waited (and waited), our server brought out some rolls with very little flavor. The honey butter was pretty bland. We waited in a nearly-empty restaurant on a Sunday evening for an inordinately long time only to get a dry, tasteless, over-cooked burger for my "medium rare" order, and a raw meat mess for my wife's "medium with a little pink" order. We sent hers back and decided they may have gotten the orders switched and so she tried her luck with my burger. A few bites later, she got to more raw mush. When her burger did get back to the table, it still was poor. Neither burger had the decency to cover itself with a nice "smothered in mushrooms and cheese" flavor to distract us from the awfulness of what we had. We did not finish our meal. The server offered us a free dessert, but we declined, eager to get out of there, (with no plans to ever return). We were billed full price, paid it with cordial smiles, and left.

We told a friend about our experience and they said, "I could have told you!" I wish they had! The friend told us belatedly they had tried the place for lunch about a week ago and had an equally mediocre experience.

Rustic Ranch, Inverness. Chowhounds, go elsewhere.

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  1. Thanks for the warning. My mother lives in Inverness and I visit from Orlando all the time. Have you tried the new restaurant in the McLeod House? I haven't yet -- wondering if it's worth a visit. We usually go to Van der Valk (sometimes good, sometimes not so much) or Frank's (bleh) and need some variety....

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      We will keep an ear out for any news about McLeods. We'll post if we hear anything.

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        Hey have your mother try EnRicos in Inverness or Stumpknockers on the Square in the old downtown area. Weve enjoyed them on a regular basis.

        Stumpknockers Restaurant
        13821 SW Highway 200, Dunnellon, FL 34432

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          Re: McLeod House.....really not worth the money. The main course salads have dirt/grit
          in them. IT'S VERY VERY HOT INSIDE!!!!....They might want to invest in an a/c wall unit for the front porch area. They offer live music but so far from what I have heard very
          bad performers. They might want to play cds...soft jazz or something to take your mind off the average menu and uncomfortble atmosphere. They dont even make you feel wlecomed.....try other places. Save your money.

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