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May 16, 2010 06:17 PM

Anyone else doing Heaven's Harvest spring CSA?

They offered a pick-up at my hubby's workplace so it was too convenient to pass up. I have been disappointed with the quality of the produce, though; much of it seems to be a bit long in the tooth or not stored properly (wet lettuce, anyone?). I realize that they are bringing up veggies from along the Eastern seaboard, and that sitting in a truck is not great for freshness, but I am still bumming - especially given the price we're paying (much higher than our usual summer CSA).

Then tonight my hubby told me that the veggies are left in a shed in a parking lot; the dropoff is not manned by anyone. I supposed they use the shed for security but I think the veggies must suffer in the heat. Is anyone else doing their spring share? Have your veggies been fresher?

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  1. Well, if no one here is doing Heaven's Harverst, is anyone doing any other spring CSA? Or Boston Organics? And are you happy with it?

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      I have an Atlas Farm CSA and I do Boston Organics - all fruit this time of year. I'm very happy with both services.


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        Thanks for the info, Penny - I'll look into both for next year. Both of my boys are friut fanatics so all fruit would be just great :-)

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          You can jump into Boston Organics any time. It's a year-round service and you can have them deliver every week or every other week. You also get to change a "never send me list " as often as you like.


    2. A year later, I've been browsing the web looking for reviews of Heaven's Harvest, and this is all I've found. The reason I was looking for a review site was so I could express my disappointment with them - and/or see if it was just my bad luck, but it doesn't sound like it. They deliver to my workplace, the produce sits in our loading dock until each member picks it up. I was assuming that the wilted greens and potatoes/onions that grew mold in just a couple of days were somehow caused by my not picking up my share until 5pm, so I've been paying attention and getting stuff off the dock immediately. Helped slightly, but didn't solve the issue; I had a cucumber that was fully half soft/squishy when I was loading my share into my bags.
      And it didn't start out that great to begin with - three out of six herb deliveries have been blooming, and it's not just that the cilantro was bolted, I was delivered only the feathery bloom stalks, not the actual cilantro leaves. If the kale is wilty when I unpack at home to put it in the fridge that's my fault - but if it's yellowed?? It's not just a storage issue, they're sending bad stuff out in the boxes.
      Complaint#3 didn't bother me at first, but it's gotten old - their egg share is done by weight, not number, so my "half dozen eggs" is usually about 8-10 extra-small eggs, which is fine so long as I'm not planning on baking anything.
      My final issue is really just a personal preference thing. Their vegetables are boring. My last CSA (the one I left for the convenience of Heaven's Harvest's workplace delivery) was regularly giving me things I had to look up on the internet. Tatsoi, garlic scapes, kohlrabi, striped beets, purple carrots, tomatillos (ground cherries), turnips, white radishes... none of which has turned up at HH. So far with Heaven's Harvest, it's been tons of carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, regular beets,... only a small amount of greens (small head of lettuce, small bunch of kale or mustard), which was at first a plus, but now I kind of miss it. They do a "treat" each week, which is kind of cute, it's been organic strawberries, North Carolina pecans, local peaches (of course this is MA so they're hard as rocks and have to sit in the paper bag for a week to be edible), blueberries, tiny currant-tomatoes. Yes it's organic. Yes, it's from a farm someplace but it's often in packaging for transport so it doesn't feel very "farm-fresh" to get a cello-pak bag of carrots - in general, it feels more like Peapod grocery store delivery than a CSA somehow.

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        Wow! I was considering their winter CSA but this sounds really disheartening. Unless someone else has some really positive information from this year's Summer or last year's Winter, I guess I should keep on looking. Thanks for posting your experience.