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May 16, 2010 05:47 PM

New Orleans Coffee

I do love the Cafe Du Monde, but where else do you go for the delicious coffee? Iced coffee? Coffee and a snack? Is anyone importing and roasting their own beans? Anything comparable to Blue Bottle coffee out of San Francisco?

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  1. I am a fiend for coffee/espresso (oddly, I rarely eat anything when drinking coffee). That said,everyone has there own favorites I am sure, but these would be my picks you may like: Rue de la Course on Magazine, Croissant D'Or (very good pastry), Royal Blend Coffee and Tea on Royal St (their beans are roasted locally as well as Rue, don't know the status of the others), a quirky more earthy places, Mojo and Fair Grinds.


    (And of course locations of Community Coffee (CC's) (I prefer the one on Esplanade) and P.J.'s)....

    New Orleans has many choices.

    for what it's worth, A somewhat old link with 1 or 2 exceptions going back 2 years:

    Fair Grinds Coffeehouse
    3133 Ponce, deLeon New Orleans, LA

    Rue De La Course
    3121 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA

    Croissant D'Or Patisserie
    617 Ursulines Ave, New Orleans, LA

    Mojo Coffee House
    1500 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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      For espresso, I like La Divina Gelateria. Divina's house blend is roasted by New Orleans Coffee Exchange. I'm also a fan of Zotz, where the beans are impeccably fresh & a macchiato is a macchiato, not some milky, sugary mess.

      La Divina Gelateria
      3005 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

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        Thank you for the suggestions, I will gratefully follow up on them. Looking forward to my next visit (it seems I'm always planning my next visit to New Orleans) and this New Orleans board is the greatest. I see now, this question was asked a year and a half ago, so I appreciate your patience as well. Our next visit will be a summer one, and I'm going to need plenty of beverages, and am glad to have new (to us) neighborhoods to explore, like Oak Street.

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          First Cup Cafe is on Calhoun St. , block-and-a-half lakeside of Claiborne. Those who get their favorites there seldom drink anwhere else. Nice setting, clean, etc., but it's the coffees that are the draw; fair-trade, FRESH, and generous.

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              N.O Coffee Exchange/Coffee Roasters of N. O.