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Knife sharpening in Seattle?

Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this?.....but am wondering
if anyone knows of a place that does professional knife sharpening
in the Seattle area?

I have a set of 4 Global knives that are in dire need of a new,sharp edge.

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  1. You may want to learn to use a whetstone. I've had the same set of knives for about 45 years and I successfully keep them sharp with a whetstone has a fine and a coarse side. Here's a good website on how to do your own sharpening with various implements, including a stone. http://www.dmtsharp.com/general/basic...

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      Thanks,but I was looking to drop them off and have it done by someone that
      knows what they're doing.
      I've read about whetstones and how difficult,tedious the process can be.

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        Just to add to the options, the Edge Pro kits, while a significant initial investment (about $200 for the apex 3) are very easy to use because they control the angle of sharpening. There are videos on youtube. I can sharpen all my knives in about 20 minutes.

    2. I have taken my knives to Seattle Cutlery in Pike Place Market (near Starbucks). They always seem to do a good job for a fair price.

      I have also heard rumor that you can take knives to the meat department at QFC (and maybe other stores) for sharpening. I might try it with a less-favorite knife before leaving my Globals with them!

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        Thanks for Pike Place info-will look into it.

        I did take a cheap Henkles chef knife to QFC years ago and they made it worse!
        They use electric grinders and will sharpen up to 3 knives for free,for their customers.

        I'll def. try a professional sharpener this time,not a butcher or fishmonger again!

      2. I have heard very good things about Seattle Knife Sharpening, and keep meaning to drop mine off, but I haven't yet:

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          Thanks again...will look into this option.

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            I've used Seattle Knife Sharpening a couple of times. Bob is fast, his prices are reasonable, and his work is top-quality.

          2. Bob Kramer, a certified "Bladesmith," used to be the go-to guy. Now he just makes custom knives costing in the thousands. All his past customers got a recommendation from him for a well-trained alternative. Unfortunately, I lost that old email.

            Maybe some other Kramer fan has it and could post it here.

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              Bob Kramer recommends Bob Tate at the aforementioned Seattle Knife Sharpening.

            2. Had my knives done at Seattle Cutlery-Pike Place Mkt.
              Done in one day--very sharp--$1.50 per inch--not bad...
              I'm pleased!

              1. In case you still haven't found anyone come see me at CutleryonWheels.com. I am at 3 local farmers markets, Queen Anne, Madrona and Georgetown. I will sharpen your knives while you shop the markets and if you need some new equipment I have an entire showroom with me. 6 manufacturers with about 20 different styles -- gadgets too. Hope to see you.

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                  cutleryonwheels.....please see my note-above yours-written on 5/22.

                2. The Epicurean Edge in Kirkland is excellent. Some have trained under Kramer (you do know his name don't you?).

                  1. I've also used Bob Tate at Seattle Knife Sharpening: http://seattleknifesharpening.com
                    after using Bob Kramer for my knives. I've also gone to The Epicurian Edge in Kirkland but Bob Tate is cheaper (he does excellent work). The hitch is that you have to leave your knives at a couple different UPS stores in town and he picks it up and drops them off at that UPS. You also have to leave your knives at the Epicurian Edge. NO WAY would I ever leave my knives at QFC--they basically grind them down.

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                      Brought my knives to Bob Tate's Wallingford UPS dropoff on Friday, got them back before noon on Saturday. That is amazing service!

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                        Very fast. May I ask what the cost was?


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                          $1.25/inch plus $5 per order (1-1 million knives). If you want your knives shipped back to you, the per order charge is $10.

                          He does a beautiful job. For me, it's worth it on my best German knives. For my others, like my French knives, I'll do it myself or go somewhere cheap. They don't take or keep an edge like the German ones do.

                    2. Big recommendation for Dan O'Malley at Epicurean Edge in Kirkland. He's a true artisan and I send my knives to him from Southern California or bring them with me when I'm in Seattle on business.

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                        Wow, TSA let's you bring knives on the plane or do you tuck them in checked luggage?

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                          I just bought an 8 inch Messermeister Chefs knife from Epicurean. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I also bought some stones as I have an interest in learning to sharpen my own knives.

                          I have an old Chicago Cutlery chefs knife that I have been practicing on and so far I'd say it's not that hard. I'm not ready to give it go on Messermeister, but hopefully in a year or so I'll be confident enough to give it a try.


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                            I highly recommend Epicurean Edge as well not only for knife sharpening but for any of your knife needs. This is one if not the best knife shop i've ever been into. He has a huge selection and will do almost anything that you may ask about. I find his ability to help you select a knife is fantastic as well.

                          2. Anyone tried Nella on 4th Ave S?
                            I've bought knives there and recently was in the neighborhood so went in again.
                            I have a 9" serrated edge bread knife I got from them for about $15 which has worked great and they will sharpen it for $5.

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                              I use Nella. They are good but not artisans - their business model overall is that they sell a service of "sharp knives" to multi-unit restaurants, so they aren't trying to baby the blades for extended service life - they get them very sharp with little regard for how much material they're taking off. I take mine twice a year or so with intermediate touch-ups with an Eversharp (best $8 I've ever spent) and religious use of a steel.

                              That said, it's like $4/blade and I always pick up a couple of used knives from their rental fleet. If you ask, they'll buff the sides up to a chrome-like shine for that Food Network effect, and the service is while-you-wait. Mostly what I take there is older Henkel Pro-S forged and Forschner Victorinox stamped stuff.

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                                  4th Ave S, just south of the Stadiums, roughly across the street from Pacific Coast Feather.