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May 16, 2010 01:27 PM

tell me how to make New York style pizza

Sorry if it's been discussed before, I did a search and nothing.
Not fancy or exotic, just simple cheese pizza with a respectable amount of grease, worthy of being folded in half. Craving it something awful, live in Canada and there's nothing here even close to New York style pizza so we're going to try our own. Tips?

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      1. 500 grams APF, 10 grams salt, 3 grams Instant yeast, 350ml cold water. Kitchen Aid with dough hook for 12 minutes at medium low speed. Form ball and place into lightly oiled bowl covered with plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight. Take out of fridge 2 1/2 hours before needed. One hour before dough is needed, punch it down and make 2 balls of dough, let rest covered for 1 hour. set oven as high as it can go with a pizza stone on the bottom rack. preheat for one hour. roll, toss or stretch dough.... place on peel.... sauce and whole milk mozz.... cook on stone until crust is brown and cheese is bubbling and just getting hints of brown spots.

        1. I've had good luck w/ Peter Reinhart's pizza crust in The Breadbakers Apprentice.