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May 16, 2010 10:51 AM

Lunch near The Academy of Natural Sciences

Having not been to The Academy in over 10 years, I can't recall any good lunch spots within walking distance. I'll be at a conference there in a few weeks and hope that my fellow Hounds might have some suggestions.


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  1. I'd walk south on 19th and have lunch at Matyson. Always good.

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    1. re: sylviag

      Is Matyson where Chef Matt Spector is (or was)? I heard many good things but I think he might have moved westward.


      1. re: Chefpaulo

        Yes, Matt left several years ago, but Matyson has been as good or better ever since. It is a truly excellent BYOB, and definitely worth it if you haven't been there.

    2. King of Tandoor is a quick walk away, and very good.

      1. not sure what kind of lunch you have in mind, but here a couple options I would suggest:

        Four Seasons Swann Lounge -upscale, pricey and delicious, IMO the nicest lunch to be found in the close vicinity; a nice place to go with a group because you will be able to hear yourself talk. Excellent if you have a generous expense account.

        Marathon Grill- my choice for a moderate, casual lunch on a nice day is the outdoor patio at the Marathon Grill, corner of 19th and Market Sts. I always go for the soup/salad/half sandwich combo. Nice for two to four person group.

        If eating by yourself, a good bet is a sandwich from DiBruno's in the Market at the Comcast Center, bring your sandwich outside to the plaza on the JFK side of the Comcast Center or to the Race St side of the Bell Atlantic Towers.

        If the weather is not nice, you could get a decent burger and a glass of beer at The Public House at Two Logan.

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        1. Don't know if this info is too late, but Frog Burger tent has just opened on the front lawn of the Franklin Institute and would be a good option for lunch near the Academy of Natural Sciences.

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            1. re: PattiCakes

              Frog Burger is a new outdoor burger stand in front of the Franklin Institute. It is a project of Steve Poses, who owned the Frog and Commissary restaurants

              1. re: rocknroll52

                Thank, R n' R! I googled, and now have it on my list since it's an easy walk from the office. I'm going to post to see if anyone has been yet.

          1. Sorry for the false alarm, Hounds, but many thanks for the tips. Will try at least one rec with the family when they are down from NYC in August. Apparently, the conference was well-funded by Einstein Healthcare and a lunch ticket with my registration packet indicated that lunch in the ANS library was included - and not bad for catered fare!