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May 16, 2010 09:46 AM


Looking for a burger "meat" up. Must LOVE burgers and talking about them in detail.
I am trying to hold something soon at burger bar in the NE phila section (it's attached to gallo's seafood) details of date & time will come later. trying to hash out the details with the owner now.
email me with ideas of a menu or anything else. if interested send me a email with phone number
looking forward to hearing from burger nutz

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  1. I think you'd be interested in Burger Club Philly

    Which is described as:
    "Burger Club Philly consists of a bunch of nerdburgers getting together once a month to eat a burger, talk about it and then give it a letter grade. It’s all in good fun. We usually have a “meating” once a month. "

    It's free etc etc you just show up. I've never been, but it seems pretty popular and they go to some cool burger joints.

    So instead of attempting to create a whole other event you might as well e-mail the organizer (the Burger Baroness, who writes a great burger blog called Fries With That Shake) and either invite her group to your burger bar or just show up at their next event.

    1. You should also read the blog It has a lot of great burger reviews,news about burger joints that are opening soon in the Philly area, and some sandwich recipes.

      Elaine at