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1 night in Paris-first time

Hello all,

Just signed up, this is my first post, I love this site so far.

I will be in Paris for one afternoon/evening and early morning (a short time I know).

I would love a few recommendations of "must eats" that are not outrageously expensive close to where I will be staying.
I will be at:

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

31, avenue George V
75008 Paris

Thanks so much!

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  1. An appropriate "pairing" with a stay at the George V would probably be one of these, in the same quartier:

    Pierre Gagnaire
    Alain Ducasse PA

    Le Cinq, in the hotel, is at a similar level.

    Paris being what it is, there are probably a couple of hundred "must eats", too many for 1 night! :)

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      1. Le Bistro de L'Oliver is nearby, and quite reasonable. Other reasonably priced places include L'Ecluse (wine bar) and Flora Danica; none are "destination" restaurants however. Also, the bar at the Geo V has a decent menu. If you have jet-lag these might work.

        1. You could always ask Adrian your concierge, he posts on this site: http://www.chow.com/profile/86363?tag...

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          1. re: PhilD

            Very interesting point. This may in fact be the kind of service that prompted you to choose this hotel.

          2. I guess i should have stated that I am looking for something "rustic" rather than a "destination" place if you know what I mean.

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              Not really but I still vote Chez L'Ami jean, for both rustic AND destination.

            2. It's really impossible to pick "one" restaurant for a meal for you in Paris. There are hundreds of great choices!

              Yes, I agree with other posters, Fresh_A (blog name) is a concierge at your hotel, and a restaurant expert with English as his native language. A consult with him would probably be the best way to narrow down your choices.

              But please let us know where you wound up, and how it went. Thanks.

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                Menton - Adrian is plain old Adrian here on Chowhound and Fresh_A on eGullet, and his blog is http://adrianmoore.blogspot.com/

              2. organix:
                Can you help us/me out a bit.
                What are you looking for? An old 1950's bistro with classics, a modern new exploding taste resto, a quiet, secluded place as if you were in the country, a gastro-bistro, a guy who cooks old recipes with locavore products and contemporary eqpt, a chain, a brasserie, Danny Meyer? (The posters on the site know where I'm going).
                We've got 5 restaurants a week opening (and sadly, probably, also closing) and a thousand "old" places.
                Why not eat at the Cinq? In Paris, hotels have the top-of-the-game restos (like museums do in Bilbao.)
                And I endorse asking Adrian Moore/ Fresh_A - call him.

                John Talbott's Paris

                1. PhilD-- Adrian has been a fixture on France food boards for years. There's a full page spread on him in the May issue of Bon Appétit. Check it out.

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                    Is there a way to contact Adrian through these boards?

                    1. re: organix

                      Try the email link on his blog, address provided above.

                    2. re: menton1

                      I am well aware of that, that is why I suggested him.

                    3. Thanks again everyone for your help, but I can no longer do dinner as I will be arriving after 11pm( this is a work trip and my schedule mirrors that of a co-worker), so unless there are any recommendations for late night eats, I now need places for Breakfast or a must see Bakery or cheese shop etc. I will also ask Adrian if is his working. i have not been able to figure out how to send a personal message on this board!

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                        I'm reluctant to give out his email; call the Concierge desk.

                      2. Well Adrian was off for the short time I was there, so following the advice of others on this board I tried the patisserie Jean Millet. I walked around and did some comparing and Millet was really great.