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May 16, 2010 07:25 AM

Bangkok Spice - Glastonbury CT

I really wanted to like this's located right next to Whole Foods and we keep saying we're going to try it, and finally had the chance...unfortunatly we won't be going back, but this spot seems to turn over a lot so maybe we won't have the opportunity. We started with the satay, both chicken and beef were pretty dry (although the chicken was the better of the two) but both were really flavorless - which was the theme of the night. We all had different dinner dishes, they were very generous portions, but basically all tasted the same and looked the same. It was a mish mosh of veggies that didn't seem to go together and were not listed in the dish description on the menu, and the flavor of the dish was either sickingly sweet (again not in the description), or hot, but no real flavor to speak of, and all the veggies and meat tasted alike...

I think it was the owner who came over when we first got our meals and asked how they were, and we gave a ho hum response indicating our dishes were not quite what we expected which he seemed to ignore and change the subject...later when our table was cleaned, and our plates were still pretty full and we opted out of a doggie bag (something I never do), I was surprised that no one picked up on it . I don't know if they didn't want to acknowledge that dinners had a bad meal or just didn't care, but I feel like they really missed the boat...I probably still would not have gone back, but at least I would have felt like they cared about our dining experience and at least acknowledged that we were not happy with the meal. I'm not sure how they have stayed in business this long, wondering if anyone else has tried this place with better results?

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  1. I am dissappointed and surprised to hear about your experience. Admittedly, I have not been in a while, but used to go often. I always loved how fresh and colorful the veggies were. Also, the owner would bend over backwards for us. Once she saw that we were struggling with the heat in a dish and she took it right back to the kitchen without us even having to comlain about it. I really hope your unpleasant experience is not indicative of what is to come.

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      I tend to prefer both the food and the service at Thai Angel in South Glastonbury or Puket Cafe in Rocky Hill; I think the ambiance is a bit nicer at Puket and the food is of higher quality at Thai Angel.

      Thai Angel
      RR 17, Glastonbury, CT 06033