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May 16, 2010 06:31 AM

st. remy area

Looking for suggestions for lunch and dinner. Have heard of La Maison Jaune and Bistro Paradou. Thanks.

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  1. Bistro du Paradou, please.
    Jean Louis has aged a bit since this photo, but haven't we all! Informal, country roadhouse frequented by locals and a few tourists. Call to see what the special will be on the day you visit, or choose your day by what they are serving. Lamb is exquisite.

    1. Also, Chez Bru in nearby Eygalieres (beware: there are several villages with similar names in the vicinity) is adorable, delicious and priced accordingly. Worth a special meal. Also offers a few pretty rooms.

      1. Hi, I live in St. Remy most of the year. Bistro du Paradou is always fun. In St. Remy you'll eat well and get very nice service at our local hangout cafe, called the Bar Tabac des Alpilles at #21 Blvd. Victor Hugo (not to be confused with Bistro des Alpilles, #15 blvd Mirabeau). It's not gourmet but it's good and reasonably priced. Plus the atmosphere is very warm and authentic. Also in St. Remy, I like the Chateau des Alpilles (outside town a few minutes by car and a stunning setting). Chez Bru in Eygalieres, mentioned by another poster, has moved to a new location. I haven't been but I'm hearing very good things. Word is they're trying to get their third star. The old location has become a the more-casual Brasserie Chez Bru (or something like that). Another really nice spot in Eygalieres is Sous les Micocouliers...or simply Micocouliers. I've had two very nice meals there and my friends in Eygalieres rate it highly. Consider the great lunch special at Mas du Capoun in Molleges, a small village to the east of St. Remy. Beautiful room, great food, nice service, really good set price at lunch. (I think it's 22 euros for mulitcourse lunch with wine, but confirm that.) Finally, there's L'Atelier de Jean Luc Rabanel (in Arles), doing his MIchelin-starred, organic, highly creative tasting menus. But you many not want to shlep to Arles and eat that much food, although he's brilliant--and smaller tasting menus are available, I believe. Anyway .St. Remy has lots of cute places and you don't need to pay Michelin starred prices to eat well. And when you want something simple, Pizzeria Glanum, kitty corner from the main church in St. Remy, rocks! I love the Nordica, with salmon and creme fraiche. Nothing wrong with that. Hope this was helpful. Bon App!

        1. I ate at Maison Bru outside the village of Eygalieres on the Route d'Orgon last Thursday for lunch. The options for lunch were La Carte, Menu Degustation for 95,00 E or the Surprise du Chef for 120,00 E. Both of the menus offer the same number of courses; an amuse, starter, two fish courses, meat, cheese cart, and two dessert courses and some treats to send you out the door. The food and service were amazing. Their new location is surrounded by vineyards and pastures in a charming but modern setting.
          On the way to Eygalieres, I drove through Paradou and passed the Bistro du Paradou as that was my original destination; it was closed and looked almot like it might be out of business.

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            <I drove through Paradou and passed the Bistro du Paradou as that was my original destination; it was closed and looked almot like it might be out of business.>

            I have been past it several times when it looked that way, but happily, it was just closed -- not permanently. Hope that is still the case.

            1. re: ChefJune

              No, Bistrot du Paradou is not closed. We dined there about 5 times over the spring & summer months (2010). They are closed SUN/MON, and serve lunch TUE-SAT....dinner on FRI/SAT only, except "in season" (when they serve dinner TUES-SAT). "Season" is usually mid-May to end-Sept, depending on their mood! may have passed the bistrot on one of "those" days.