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May 16, 2010 05:50 AM

Best slice of cake in center city?

I'm looking for a place to get a really good single slice of cake. I'm a fan of moist, dense cakes with really sweet, heavy icing (yes, I know some people may think this is disgusting, but I love it!). I love the naked chocolate cafe cakes, but they don't sell them by the slice. I do like the chocolate cake from Honey's but it's a little far...does anyone know of a good place to get a good slice of cake right in center city? I love cupcakes and know lots of good places but this time I'm looking specifically for cake instead. Your input is appreciated!

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  1. Its not center city, but its a close drive out of the city. Spring Mill in in Conshy has a daffodill cake which is the best I have eaten - dense moist vanilla cake, whipped cream icing (not the heavy icing you are looking for but so good), topped with fresh berries, lemons, thick shaved coconut. So darn good!!!!!!

    1. Day by Day, at 21st and Sansom, sells cake by the slice. The ones I've tasted have been excellent.

      We had the carrot cake from Whole Foods recently, and it would fit your needs - moist, rich, etc. I don't know if they sell it by the slice.

      1. AmblerGirl, whenever this Daffodil Cake is mentioned, my mouth starts to water. I also think the Coconut Cake at Zake's in Ft. Washington is very, very good.

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          Now I do not claim to know all the best cake spots in the city, but I have to say that I have had fantastic cake at the cafe across the street from Termini Bakery- the original in South Philly.........many cakes in restaurants are unfortunately not made in house.......although some are very good......IMO Ilike the cafe the best, so far.

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            In case anyone is wondering, the cafe is called Mr. Joe's Cafe and it is owned and operated by the Termini's people. So the cakes are of course Termini's and are made across the street, which is AFAIK the bakery for all of their locations.

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              Termini's in the RTM sometimes sells slices of cake - also the PA dutch bakery in the North west corner of the market sells cake by the slice as does Jonathan's Best. I only buy them for the chowspouse so I can't really tell you much more than they exist!

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                Termini's used to have the best cake slices in the city. Don't get me wrong...I still love their raspberry pound cake they make in the summer. They sell it whole and now and then sell slices at Reading Terminal. The problem is this year they started making the top of the cake with vanilla icing and now the raspberry icing is relegated to just the sides and the center of the cake. It's still good but not quite as good as it used to be. Of course, Termini's vanilla pound cake is still good too!

                1. re: bluehensfan

                  Someone at Termini's must be reading this posting (or my mind) because now the raspberry pound cake has a thin layer of raspberry icing just under the vanilla icing that was added this summer (easier to decorate I am told) so now it is just as good as it always was.

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            gardens4me.....I know! I dream about that cake! I have to get over to Zake's soon to try their coconut cake.

          3. The cakes at Fitzwater cafe (on 7th and Fitzwater) are amazing. Plus the decor is really art deco cool and the staff are exceedingly friendly

            1. The Termini's in the Market at the Comcast Center sells slices of cake.