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May 16, 2010 12:10 AM

Which Chains disallow GMOs (gentically modified organisms)?

Hey, I wanted to know which chains don't allow GMOs. I've been doing some reading on GMOs and quite frankly GMOs are about the scariest food related terror I can think of. Arguably worse than HFCS. In fact popularity HFCS is caused by GMOs. I bought some canola oil from Costco and I'm not so sure that was a good idea.

I mainly shop at Costco, Giant, Trader Joe's, and Whole Paycheck and want to know which is my safest bet. I'm pretty good at long term planning so I'm ok buying in bulk. What I do not want is to buy in bulk GMOs. :)

I'm having a very hard time finding food for a reasonable cost that is safe. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. HFCS, GMO's, Steroids, Antibiotics, Pesticides, artificial sweetners ETC ETC ETC and human continue to live longer and longer. Stop worrying so much! Companies prey on consumer fears like those listed above! Just eat and drink in moderation and be merry!

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    1. re: joe777cool

      I wish I could believe you. I don't because of two main reasons.

      1. The U.S. water supply is one of the best in the world
      2. Despite no.1 the U.S. has around the same life expectancy as China and many European Countries have high life expectancy.

      1. re: Bottomless_Pit

        There are so many variables that account for the differences in life expectancy between countries (that have nothing to do with GMO's or what have you) that worrying about this subject is probably much worse for your health (and ultimate decrease in longevity) than simply by staying physically active, eating in moderation and getting a physical to make sure you have your blood pressure and sugar levels under control.

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          When you factor out homicides and car-accident deaths, the United States is at or near the top of the list in terms of life expectancy. This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the pros or cons of GMOs, but I do think it's fair to say that GMOs do not contribute to either vehicle deaths or murder.

      2. I wish I had some info for you bottomless. I think your concerns are valid. I remember a time when people were complacent about smoking. Even my gp smoked in front of me. Perceptions can sure change. With health care costs being scary high I'm a lot more careful about what I eat these days. I'll check back later and hope for some more useful responses from my fellow hounds. Sorry I'm not much help.

        1. I don't think any business "disallows" anything.

          Costco has been going toward Organic products for about the last five years. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods sell organic labels and non rBST milk. None are exclusively selling organics nor products with a label of GMO or not: it isn't a Federal label requirement.

          1. If you want to avoid genetically modified organisms, you have to purchase organic foods. Almost all processed foods contain genetically modified organisms. While I generally speaking agree that they are probably not harmful to your health, they may end up being harmful environmentally, and, if you can afford it, eating organic will also help you avoid pesticide residues. Since processed foods are unhealthy anyway, you could avoid a lot of genetically modified organisms simply by buying only whole foods, fruits, vegetables, etc., and choosing olive oil or butter rather than vegetable oils. Of course if you buy conventional meat it will in all likelihood have been fed genetically modified grains, but that's probably the least worrying thing about conventionally raised meats.

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            1. re: visciole

              Visciole you are scaring me "Of course if you buy conventional meat it will in all likelihood have been fed genetically modified grains, but that's probably the least worrying thing about conventionally raised meats."

              I like my fish lol, a lot of vegetarians have gotten really sick from malnutrition. What do you mean the least worrying thing about conventionally raised meats?

              1. re: Bottomless_Pit

                Sorry, I am not trying to scare you! My opinion is that conventionally raised meat is not very healthy, and is very bad environmentally, but honestly I don't think that eating it is any more dangerous than many things people do regularly. I would bet that not exercising or smoking is way worse for you, for example.

                Of course this is just my opinion, but I find the fact that cows are fed food they cannot digest properly without the addition of antibiotics is worse than the fact that the feed is genetically modified. Generally speaking, I prefer not to eat meat raised in huge feedlots, where the animals are treated poorly, not allowed to eat their natural food, and regularly dosed with antibiotics. There is a ton of information about feedlot practices available on the Internet and elsewhere. Also, if you are worried about bioaccumulation of pesticide residues, meat not raised organically will have that issue. I understand that many people cannot afford to buy organic meat, but my choice is to eat meat less often and buy it from a farmer where I can see how it is raised.

                Actually, for me what is more pressing than health concerns are environmental ones. Large feedlot operations are big polluters, and I prefer not to support them by buying their products. I feel lucky that I am able to do so.

              1. re: viperlush

                Hey viperlush, the list makes me feel a little better than hardly any veggies and fruits are genetically modified. I'm already avoiding dairy and most processed foods so really I just want to aim for wild fish. Too bad the recent oil spill in the gulf of Mexico may seriously limit the supply of wild fish. I'm also trying to avoid soy, corn (except fresh corn on the cob from local stands), canola and cottonseed oil. Corn and canola oil are hard to avoid, so many processed foods include canola and corn.

                1. re: Bottomless_Pit

                  wow.....sounds like a boring life. but more power to you if you can stick to such an unexciting diet. I would last 6 hours.....maybe 8 (if I slept the entire time!!)

                  1. re: joe777cool

                    As always, you may be adding a year or two to your life, but they're the years at the end. I have a sister-in-law who' has become "healthy-food" obsessed and she's now the least healthy person in her family (although she's been adding pounds lately, so I'm guessing she's sneaking Kit-Kats and Moon Pies when no-one is looking).

                    1. re: ferret

                      who needs those years at the end!!!!

                      I have known a few people who have become vegetarians only to gain a substantial amount of weight due to the excessive carbs they began consuming. MODERATION!!!! You can die from drinking too much WATER! Its also reported (depending on who you believe) that that Dr Atkins " had a history of myocardial infarction (heart attack), congestive heart failure, and hypertension." Who knew that eating a diet ofmeat, meat, and more meat would be bad for you health? I for one cant believe a diet of bacon, steak, sausage, hamburgers (no bun of course) etc would do any harm to the body lol!

                    2. re: joe777cool

                      I really like veggies and fruits, in fact I love fruits! Most of the best food is really fresh local food. As I see it the food I'm eating is healthier and tastes better. I just have to work harder to hunt down my food.

                      The way I see my diet is I'm forced to see more opportunities. For example, a lot of expert advice tells us at parties to talk to someone you would never normally talk to or at random. The idea being you meet new people and get better at conversation. The same with my new diet I'm trying all sorts of new foods like bell peppers, onions, pumpkin seeds, and so on.

                      1. re: Bottomless_Pit

                        I'm new to this thread, but I'm curious to ask, if "foods like bell peppers and onions......." are new to you, what have you been eating up to now?????

                    3. re: Bottomless_Pit

                      What would be the reason for avoiding corn products like corn tortillas and cornbread?

                      1. re: smarsh

                        A lot of conventionally produced corn is GMO, so if you wanted to avoid GMOs you'd have to buy organic cornmeal and tortillas.