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May 15, 2010 08:24 PM

Durian cake - where to find the stinky fruit in cake form??

i know most tend to stay very far away from the stank that is durian fruit, but i can handle the smell in moderate amounts... and even enough to really like the taste.

i recently had a durian mung bean cake ("dau xanh sau rieng") brought to me from san francisco, and it's so addicting that i'm surprised crack/cocaine isn't on the ingredient list. it's got that lovely durian taste but the mung bean helps balance it out so it's not so intense for wimps like me.

i NEED to have this cake (or something similar). according to the package, this specific specimen is from Huy Ky Bakery in san diego.

anyone know where i can get this (or something similar - but not durian wafer cookies, which don't reek of durian enough) in NYC? i'd like to spare my friend from buying and shipping these to me regularly from california...

thank you!!

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    1. I think the Eating In Translation blog mentioned something like this recently, but I'm not sure if its what you're after. Its also an outer boroughs board thing. Here is the link to the article, which has a picture.