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May 15, 2010 08:13 PM

The Saratoga Winery (Saratoga Springs)

Had the pleasure of spending last night a The Saratoga Winery and Tasting Room on Rt. 29 just outside of the main town. We head to Saratoga often and were excited to check out this new winery after dinner. They have a trolley that runs from the hotels in Saratoga on the weekends to the winery for $18, and this includes a wine tasting once you get there. There was also ample parking. Their signature wine is a melomel (made with honey and fruit) but they also have several other blends. What a great place and something new offered in Saratoga. Bottles are around $16 and I enjoyed their Chardonnay and a blend called "Saratoga Spitfire". The live music was also fun.
The only food offered at this time was wood fired pizza's, which were yummy; but is would be great to see the food portion also grow. This place is a gem and will hopefully do well.

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      They opened Fall 2009, so this will be there first summer and track season open. The place has alot of potential and we will visit again.

    2. Went up to the winery last week. Very different from your normal winery. In a good way. The owners were very friendly hosts. They had a band playing on the Friday that we went with some guys making wood oven pizzas. Amazing. It was a party going on away from all the chaos in town. We took the trolly over so we made sure we were able to have a few glasses of the wine. The wines were very flavorful. We had the flight of wines to try as many as possible. This is like a hidden gem up in Saratoga. The prices were great, no charge for the entertainment, pizzas a hit. The only downfall! I wish they didn't have to close at 9pm.
      Can't wait to go back for their pig roast.

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        Thanks for the report, cia93. Sounds like a place we might need to try. Are they serving anything besides pizza yet? The 9 PM close might be challenging . . .

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          I posted something on here a while ago about The Saratoga Winery. I agree about it not being a typical winery, in a good way. Nothing snobby about this place! They just came out with a new red wine, SteepleChase...some of the best red I've ever had. The merlot is very good too. As for the pizza, I believe it's Orapello's serving on Fridays. I've had the pizza and it's great. I've also seen them at some local events.

          When's the pig roast??