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San Antonio Food Blogs?

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What other sources are there for info on food in San Antonio?

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    1. savorsa.com

      former writers for the Express News

      1. http://www.sanantonioburger.com
        I tried their #3 rated burger today, The Lord's Kitchen. Unfortunately the burger was overcooked to where it was falling apart.

        Lord's Kitchen
        118 Seguin St, San Antonio, TX 78208

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          I got to Lord's Kitchen a few weeks ago. I liked it. I think it defies the current notion that medium rare is the only way to cook a burger. It had a good crust, which most burgers lack. well seasoned and constructed. Coarsely ground, a little crumbly, and a little drier on account of being cooked to well done, but i think it had enough fat in the meat to carry it.

          Unlike most the burgers that get a lot of press in the area, this one tastes like meat. However, I'd definitely take a Bracken Store or Bobby J's over Lord's.

          Bracken Store
          18415 Bracken Dr, San Antonio, TX 78266

          Lord's Kitchen
          118 Seguin St, San Antonio, TX 78208

          1. Twitter is always a good source for finding out the local food buzz in San Antonio. Many popular food bloggers are on there, including myself! http://www.culinarycara.com

            1. Interestingly, a similiar thread (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/804738) has popped up recently. It's great to find useful info on this Texas board (HOW DO WE GET A SAN ANTONIO SPECIFIC ONE????) instead of fielding the same old questions over and over.

              What do I read?

              And twitter feeds from Dady, Weissman, multiple random restaurants,brewpubs, etc.

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              1. re: Sam Spade

                For people looking for an food blog aggregator, I actually created one called Local Dish for the iPhone. You can download it for free here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/local-... and includes many of the blogs mentioned here.

                Hope you can enjoy it!