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May 15, 2010 04:52 PM

Tel Aviv Restaurants Open on Shabbat (Fri and Sat)

Going to be staying at the Carlton in Tel Aviv and need good restaurants for Friday night and Saturday during the day...
What is a great food experience and also open on Shabbat? :)
Help - we are going this week! We love all kinds of food!

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  1. Just returned from a month in Israel. Basically we found that non Kosher restaurants are open. We enjoyed Manta Ray and Pini b Chaser - both on the beach just north of Jaffa. Reservations will definitely be needed on Friday night.

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      While there has been an increase in the number of kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv, it is still the exception to the rule, and the vast majority of restaurants there are non-kosher. There are so many restaurants in Tel Aviv that your question is almost impossible to answer. I second the two recommendations above. For high end, Herbert Samuel and Toto are good choices. Otherwise, if you simply walk down popular streets like Carlebach, HaShmonaim, Rothschild, Ibn Gvirol, Bograshov, and Dizengoff, you will find a wide variety of eateries.