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May 15, 2010 04:25 PM

Do you bake with kosher salt?

I'm seeing more and more recipes for baked goods calling for kosher salt. I find that often in cookies, the salt doesn't dissolve completely into the dough and some bites of cookies are saltier than others. I like to cook with kosher salt, but for baking I prefer a finer grain sea salt. Anyone else?

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  1. "the salt doesn't dissolve completely into the dough and some bites of cookies are saltier than others"

    That is the issue when baking with kosher salt. I find that many dessert/baking recipes are written with table salt in mind. That's what I use. I use kosher for bread, however and adjust the salt amounts accordingly.

    1. I will use kosher for bread but I tend to bake with table or fine sea salt.

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      1. Apart from bread, I don't do much baking. I always use kosher salt. That said, when some table salt is handy, I'll use it for pancakes, where the quick dissolve would seem to be important. But when I've used kosher for pancakes, they've always seemed fine.

        A bit of an aside: I once made pancakes and left out salt, because the cookbook that I use to remind me about pancake ingredient proportions, the Betty Crocker standby, actually leaves salt out of its ingredients list. (The pancakes were horrible.) In the text portion of the recipe, it says "and a half teaspoon salt" or some such. But salt is never mentioned or quantified in the list of ingredients above the text, nor in any other recipes.

        Is that some old-fashioned cookbook convention, I wonder, not to list salt as an ingredient?

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          Sounds like an big editing error to me.

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            Yeah, but they do it for ALL the recipes. They mention salt in the narrative but not the ingredients list.

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              I've never seen that occur unless it's editing issue.

              It seems like it could be the recipe writing "style" Betty Crocker chose for that edition; maybe the editor didn't think salt was worth listing; that everyone would automatically know to add it. There is the "read the recipe through first" rule, maybe that's where they're coming from. I don't know. I have some older cookbooks but I haven't noticed that particular issue in any of them.

              I have to say, when reading through a recipe, I always check for salt content, as it does get overlooked/deleted occasionally, especially on the web and even here at chow.

        2. I use kosher salt, just cause I don't have table salt on hand. I always try to dissolve it in the liquids or crush it first though.

          1. I almost always bake with Kosher salt, and I haven't had any problems. In fact, many of the recipes I use call for Kosher salt specifically.