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May 15, 2010 03:19 PM

know this is crazy but any good mexican in NO?

we are coming in for gumbo- love, love Mexican food & can't hardly go for many days w/o it. Also are going to do the Abita Brewery tour-any GREAT food in that area? Both are from BR

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  1. This a very recent link (+ 1 more) re mexican restaurants in New Orleans. If you do a search I'm sure you'll find more:

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    1. re: Suzy Wong

      thanks Suzy-I think we'll stick to Cajun food!

      1. re: gumbeauxlaya

        Not sure how long you will in New Orleans or if you have decided on where you'll be dining?
        I DO think there a few good "mexican" so to speak, places in New Orleans. BUT there are so many!!! great choices of New Orleans style cuisine that really can't be found anywhere else, I'd stick to that....

        1. re: Suzy Wong

          Juans Flying burrito on mag is great IMO. There are other places like superior grill that are decent, but not great. is Taquria Corona still around? I like that place as well.