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May 15, 2010 03:09 PM

Where to buy Buttermilk Powder in Montreal?

I'm trying to make a recipe from Cooks Illustrated that calls for 0.5 cups of dried buttermilk powder. CI indicates that this is found in most supermarkets near the dried-milk products or in the baking aisle. So far I've tried several of the big supermarkets in Montreal (Loblaws, Maxi, Provigo, Adonis, Fruiterie 440) and tried all the weirdo shops at Jean-Talon Market but they all don't carry it.

Does anybody know where buttermilk powder is found? I don't wish to substitute the ingredient so I'm really interested to hear if somebody has ever seen this product anywhere?


Jean-Talon Market
7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

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  1. According to Sandra Phillips of Smart Shopping Montreal, Anatol carries buttermilk powder. Good luck!

    Épices Anatol Spices
    6822 St-Laurent blvd, Montreal H2S 3C7

    Note that they are closed Sundays.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Thanks for the quick reply, kpzoo. It's too bad they're closed Sunday, I am expecting 30 guests for brunch tomorrow and I'm short that one ingredient!

      1. re: weasel

        what's the recipe, weasel? did you end up using plain milk powder?

        1. re: bakersdelight

          I didn't end up using anything yet. I asked the question like 1 hour ago.

          Recipe is for Buttermilk Waffles ( You may need to be a CI member to view page.

          1. re: weasel

            try dis instead, uses plain ol' supermarket buttermilk, or really any old recipe using plain milk, I mean, home made waffles? WHo's gonna complain?