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In search of peaches

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The peaches at the farmer's market looked great this morning but I was hoping to find a large basket right from the orchard. Thinking of driving out towards Fredericksburg since I have heard about peach stands out that way. We are new to the Austin area...any suggestions?

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  1. I came through there last weekend. Nothing local is open yet. I will be going there again the weekend of the 28th and will let you know what is going on.

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      Thanks...guess we will wait a week or two. Hope the hail today didn't pummel the peaches.

    2. Here's a word or two from last summer:

      1. The season has just started. You can expect most of the vendors to open by Memorial Day.

        1. Find a member of our local Kiwanis Club. They sell big boxes of peaches every year as a fundraiser. They arrive in late June/early July. Sometimes they are Hill Country peaches, sometimes they are NE Texas peaches, depending on the crops. I'm not in Kiwanis but have ordered some through a neighbor, so I don't have any more details. But they have been good every time.