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May 15, 2010 01:07 PM

NW Coast Indian Restaurant in Vancouver?

Am visiting from San Francisco in the summer and would like to eat at a NW Coast Indian restaurant (sorry, the correct Canadian designation Aboriginal or First Nations?). It looks like there was such dining at the Pan Pacific Hotel and the Vancouver Community College for a short period around the Olympics. Willing to drive a bit out of Vancouver for this experience. Thanks.

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  1. I think there may still be a west coast indian restaurant on Davie at Denman in the west end. It used to be called Lilliget Feast but I think it changed names (if it is still there at all). I went there once probably 20 years ago when it was still Lilliget Feast. It was a little on the expensive side. The salmon was overcooked but the bannock with oolichan grease was amazing - and to this day the only place I have ever been able to get it. Smokey, fishy and absolutely delicious. The whipped soapalaly dessert was pretty interesting. I wouldn't call it good, personally, but it was so strange that I would definitely order it again to see if the taste grew on me.
    There was also a first nations cafe in the community center on East Hastings at Commercial. Not sure if it is still there either.
    There is a woman who sells buffalo smokeys (I think? Or was it venison? - some kind of game anyway) in bannock with really good corn relish at the Farmers Market.
    Not much to choose from, I know, which seems kind of strange when you think about it.

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        Liliget Feasthouse has closed. I dont' think that cafeteria at the community center on Hastings is open either. You can get "modern" Aborginal cuisine at the VCC Culinary program's Wild Salmon during the summer session.

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            I had the wild buffalo chili and bannock there. It was okay, but nothing to rave about. I'd never had bannock before, so I don't have a good point of reference for it.

            I'd go back to try some other things, but not rushing to do so.

            I really wish we had a Navajo fry bread place like Fry Bread House in Phoenix. That is a place I would frequent...