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May 15, 2010 12:04 PM

Butcher shops in Delray Beach?


We will be spending Father's Day with my in-laws in and would like to make a nice meal for the occassion. Does anyone have recommendations for a good butcher shop in Delray Beach area?

We got short ribs from the WholeFoods in Boca once during Christmas time. The meat had gone bad by the time we needed to use it a few hours later, even though we left WF immediately, had put the meat in one of those silver hot and cold bags, and put the meat in the fridge as soon as we got home, so we are hesitant to go there again.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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  1. You might think this is crazy but I have been buying USDA prime meat at Costco and it is amazing. I think they only have two cuts that are prime grade, Strip steaks and boneless rib eyes are available at the Boca location. They are fresh and cut real thick, just the way I like them. I can't imagine meat being any better anyplace else.

    1. The Boys on Military just north of Atlantic has great meat but expensive. (mind your ankles when walking around the store - they are prone to get hit by the older customers pushing their carts).

      1. Joseph's Classic Market on Military in Boca also has a nice fresh meat department and the guys behind the counter are very nice.

        1. I forgot the Meating Place on Yamato and Jog in the Regency Plaza

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            Thanks everyone, for all your great recommendations! Will def. let you know what we end up doing!

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              Unless something has changed radically with the Meating Place, I'd avoid. When I went there to buy bones to make stock, they pointed me towards some sort of fancified bouillon cube. I was not impressed.

              I know it's a drive, but well worth it, IMHO, is Smitty's in Fort Lauderdale. The meat is amazing, the butchers know their stuff, and...they carry bones. As they should!

              1. re: rbeats

                Wow, Smitty's on Floranada Rd is still there??? I grew up in that area 40 yrs ago. I wonder if they still have the sawdust floor???? :-) I'll definitely have to pop in there next time I'm down that way... I've been meaning to try hangar steak which isn't too easy to find.

                1. re: gatorjwade

                  Yes, the sawdust is still on the floor, raked every night! Although some slight changes have been made over the years, you'll find that much of the store is as it was then-including my dad..........with a few added wrinkles of course! :)

                  1. re: thebutchersdaughter

                    I grew up in the area around 40 years ago too and remember Smitty's and the sawdust on the floor. Some things don't change.

            2. Torchio's Market on Woolbright Road in Boynton off I-95 west is an option.

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                Thanks everyone, for all your suggestions. We ended up dining out instead. Went to a place called Cut 432 on Atlantic Ave. The decor was cool with subway tiles on their columns and special made arts of their restaurant on their walls, very New Yorky. Food was great. We skipped appetizers, and went straight to the steaks. My husband and I shared a steak (t-bone) for two and everyone else had filet mignon, with parmasan and truffle fries, mac 'n' cheese, and creamed spinach as sides. The meats were cooked exactly as ordered with a very nice char on the outside. Mac 'n' cheese was very good too, the elbow pasta had a nice al dente bite to it. Creamed spinach was more spinach than cream, which is what I'd prefer. Could have gone without the fries though. They were good fries sprinkled with parm. cheese, but just nothing to write home about, especially with the price tag ($5 for half order and $9 for full). A little nice touch there is the warm biscuit they serve with butter, honey, and citrus jam after you place your order. Amazing wine AND beer lists. Noise level was moderate. The prices were def. New York prices if not more - from what I remember, steak for two at Luger is $70 or $75 and over there it's $79. It was all in all a very pleasant meal. Def. a special occasions place though.

                1. re: usbchinita

                  They have a decent happy hour with a very nice small plate selection. We ordered the oysters rock, truffled mac n cheese, and mini burgers. All 3 plates were really good. It's a good deal for the budget minded. :)


                2. re: Jan Norris

                  IMHO Torchio's is awful. Their meat selection is minimal and their cheap prices reflect their quality level- bad. They are a deli trying to be a butcher and they don't do either right.

                  The Meating Place on Palmetto east of US1 is a great butcher. And I have always purchased nice veal bones & beef bones from that location to make stock. Not sure why the poster above was pointed to cubes at the Yamato location though.

                  1. re: BAFU

                    The only really great product I found consistently at Torchio's is their veal chop, which have been wonderful each time. Everything else, including prepared items, is either of inconsistent quality, or just ok.

                    Based on your suggestion, I made a 25 minute trek to The Meating Place on Palmetto, and I can't thank you enough for the rec. I tried their veal chops. I got four incredibly delicious and thick "BamBams" (rib chops) that just blew Torchio's away. The whole place is wonderful, with a great assortment of meats of all kinds, all prime, great presentation of product in the store, and really friendly service. If you like meat, this is the center of the universe.

                    TMP is a special place and worth seeking out.