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May 15, 2010 11:11 AM

How much would it cost for a fresh truffle dish in Rome?

I have never had a dish with real shaved truffles, it's always near $100 a plate here in LA. How much in rome to try this summer?

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  1. the places i go for white truffles only has them in the autumn/winter and the cost of a plate of pasta with shaved truffles is €25-30. dont know about summertime tho...

    1. Truffle is not a widespread ingredient in Roma cuisine but you will sure find restaurants that offer truffle dishes. Summer truffle is in season from June to September. Avoid high end restaurants. Truffle is better eaten on a plain dish of pasta or on a good tagliata (seared beef sliced very thinly). Such dishes should be available for below 20 Euro.

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        Wow that is awesome! Below 20 Euro! So I should just look for them at trattorias?

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          hmm... actually it is almost exclusively in high end places or restaurants that serve piemontese cuisine that serve white truffles. but those, again, are an autumn/winter delicacy. cant think of any typical roman places that will shave summer truffles (are we speaking of the black ones from umbria/tuscany?) but l know antico arco does a pasta dish with ragu di faraona for €18. Taverna dei Fori Imperial's best dish is pappardelle al ragu di tartufo nero but they dont shave them for you, they are mixed into the dish by the time it is served. That dish costs around €14 i think.

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            Summer truffles and autumn/winter truffles are similar look but completely different species.

        2. The Pietro Valentini restaurant in a side street not far from Piazza Navona specializes in different truffle dishes in the season.

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            cool thanks for those tips. I'm definitely going to Fiori Imperiali and will order that! I will plot the Valentini in my restaurant journal.

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              I'm plotting these on "my maps" on google maps. Very handy.

          2. Please do not take out of season truffle. It will be frozen. It's a shame to spend so much money on frozen truffle. If you want white, indeed you have to come to Umbria or Tuscany in the winter.

            This page in Italian gives a few names of restaurants where you find truffle dishes. I don't know any of them though!

            On the same website they mention that Ristorante Il Cortile - a slow food place in Monteverde - also serves truffles

            And I also found TRATTORIA MONTI in Via di San Vito, 13/a. It is another slow food restaurant serving truffle.

            I wish I could give more recommendations but I live in Umbria and I can have truffle everywhere so I don't go to Rome to eat it!

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              just got back from antico arco where the pasta al ragu di faraona had shaved blk truffles on it. very very good and very reasonably priced at €18.

              also, cantina and taverna lucifero (via del pellegrino/via dei cappellari, respectively) do truffle dishes. only in season, of course.

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                oh awesome!!! I have rez at arco. What is faraona? Can't wait. Thanks Katie!!

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                  Faraona is Guinea fowl. Often is prepared as a casserole, it's quite delicate, similar to pheasant.