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May 15, 2010 09:53 AM

2010 9th avenue intl food festival

I havent been to it in 3 years. I heard its smaller with fewer vendors. Is it stil work checking out? If anyone plans on going later today,please post. thank you.

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  1. definitely worth it - I walked through today and Red Hook Lobster Rolls, Little Pie Company, Poiseidon Foods (spelling?), Empanada Mama, New York Hot Dog and Coffee, some great looking homemade soda spot, and more is there. Everything looks delicious - I plan on spending the day eating there tomorrow!

    Little Pie Company
    424 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

    Empanada Mama
    763 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

    1. I was there yesterday, and I actually think it is better this year than in recent past years. It is smaller, but there is more variety in food and vendors. We enjoyed great Caribbean food in particular.

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        I was there earlier today,and have mixed feelings compared to my last visit ( 2008):

        first, it is smaller-from 42nd to 57th street. second,it was much cleaner than in previous years-there was a whole squad of guys constantly bagging and sweeping throughout the whole fair.

        third,there seemed to be many more "non-food" and "generic street cart" vendors than in previous years. but ill share my experiences ( or adventures) today.

        i went with a friend-first stop was one of those "mozzarepa" carts ( grrr)
        now in no particular order.her second stop was millie's pierogis ( double grrr)

        hallo berlin- had some excellent spatzle and a kielbasa.

        espana- paella and chlorizos

        mitchell london- mini burger and a creme brulee.

        delta grill-alligator sausage

        little pie company- didnt have a booth today so went to their store ( was told they had "permit issues this year".

        amy's bread- a delicious raisin foccacia twist

        uncle nicks-lamb on a stick and diet cokes. was told that pig #2 wouldnt be ready till the late afternoon.

        poseidon bakery- delicious cherry cheese strudel and a pastry similar to galaboreko ( same thing but rolled instead of folded)

        red hook lobster company-the lobster roll was good ( $15) but ive had better.

        the soda vendor-old bills (or wild bills) was too busy,and to charge $5 for a generic plastic cups ( albeit with free refills) really turned me off.

        kyotofu- had a green tea and a vanilla soymilk cupcake,

        skipped daltons, eatery ( asian chicken salad) and empanada mama because I was too full.

        Prices have also gone up quite a bit in the last couple of years; for what my friend and I spent,we could have had a sit down dinner at wondee siam,old san juan or uncle nicks.

        Overall, id rate this years festival as "good" but not as good as it was way back in 2004-2005.